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1) Is Al Huda only an Institute or a Masjid as well?
We are an educational Institute for women and children, a Masjid and a registered elementary school.

2) Does the Al Huda Institute have an Imam or Aalimah or any learned scholar who can provide fatwas for questions and concerns?
At presently we do not have anyone onsite, however answers to basic religious queries can be provided by qualified staff members.

3) Is counselling available?
We can provide counselling; but not on a regular or full-time basis.

4) Is Al Huda a 'Sisters Only' Institute?
Our Institutes focuses primary on sisters’ education. We do have Tahfiz Program, offered full-time for boys ages 10-12. There are also weekend classes to accommodate boys ages 11-17 and younger boys ages 4-10. Apart from onsite classes, we welcome brothers to join our online classes, as well as eLearning classes which they can take and complete according to their own schedule.
Click here for eLearning, and click here for Online Classes.

5) Is Al Huda affiliated with any accredited university?
Currently we are not affiliated with any accredited university. Insha’Allah we hope to do so in future.


1) Does Al Huda only have one campus in the GTA?
We have one main Institute (head campus) in GTA with programs offered on site. There are other satellite programs operated by graduated students who are guided by the Institute.

2) Aside from Pakistan and Toronto, are there any other Al Huda branches?
Yes, alhamdulillah we do have International branches.

3) How can I get information regarding courses being offered and resources in Markham/Scarborough?
For information and contact in this matter you may call: Al Huda Institute Reception @ 905 624 2030


1) What courses does Al Huda have available for women and young girls?
For all information on the courses offered, please check the courses tab on our website

2) Does Al Huda offer any Arabic classes?
Though we do not currently offer any course pertaining to specific learning the Arabic language, however Qur'anic Arabic is incorporated in most of our courses.

3) Can course material be purchased online if we decide to take online or eLearning classes?
Yes, all course material is available for purchase online. Please visit Al Huda Online Bookstore

4) Can the Al Huda Diploma course be further used towards attaining a university degree?
Currently our Diploma is not independently accredited nor affiliated with any particular university. Any particular university, where students further apply on completion of Al Huda Diploma, may do so at their own discretion.


1) What are the hours of operation for the Al Huda Bookstore?
The Bookstore is open Monday to Friday from 9:00am to 3:30pm and Sat-Sun from 10:00am to 2:00pm, unless otherwise posted.

2) Is the bookstore open on holidays?
Bookstore is open on certain holidays. It is recommended however to call prior to visiting @ 905 624 2030.

3) What are the hours of operation for the Fee Window?
Fee window is open Tuesday and Friday from 9:00am to 3:00pm and Sat-Sun from 10:00am-2:00pm

4) Does Al Huda provide childcare for mothers?
Yes, we provide childcare only for children of Al Huda staff and students. This is however subject to availability of spot for the child in the particular age-group.

5) Can uniforms be purchased on campus?
Yes, all uniforms are available for purchase at the campus bookstore.

6) Is there a Al Huda Marriage Bureau? How does it work ?
Yes, we do have a Marriage Bureau facility. Kindly contact marriage.bureau@alhudaInstitute.ca in this matter.


1) Is there a uniform required for all registered students?
Yes, Uniform is required for all registered students. For sisters it is a black abaya and hijab. The colour of hijab is dependent on the course enrolled in.

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