Juniors Program

As mothers undertake a journey of learning and working for the deen, their children are often their first concern.
That is where Juniors Program steps in. Our philosophy is to facilitate mothers by providing an enriching and safe environment for their children. Junior program is a childcare program available to Al Huda’s staff and students and it is open 7 days a week to accommodate weekday and weekend courses.
The Junior program consists of three rooms: Infants, Toddlers, and Preschool. Our daily routines and curriculum are filled with learning, enriching and self-help activities. We cater to every child according to their needs and help them reach their potentials.
Basic Islamic teachings are part of our routine. This includes duas, manners, small surahs from the Quran, Arabic alphabets and many fun nasheeds. We make sure our children are growing in a fun learning environment, along with love for Allah and the prophets in their heart.
Learning different languages is not only an enriching experience for children, but it helps them with many other cognitive areas such as their attention. For this reason we hold English, French and Arabic circles that the children really enjoy!
With our Montessori and ECE certified teachers, we implement the Montessori concepts within the classes and both concepts where needed. Children also learn different topics depending on their age and time of year, such as hibernation, life cycles, continents, senses, weather, etc.

Our daily routines remain consistent everyday so that the children feel comfortable and secure. (Each rooms schedule is posted outside on the door). To make sure that the children stay active and get a change of space, we have at least 30-40 minutes of outdoor time or indoor depending on the weather. Children are also given rest/nap times so they can feel recharged and can stay healthy.

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