November was a busy month for the JP program! There were the French and Arabic Circles as well as different themes specific to the three different age groups. We also spent some time outside as we were blessed with amazing weather for this month, Alhamdullilah!


In the Preschool room, we introduced Transportation methods. The three modes of transportation which we concentrated on were Road, Water, and Air. Our school buses are displayed outside our room, followed by our sailboats, and soon to come the hot air balloons! We talked about how road transportation vehicles all have wheels, water transportation vehicles use water and air transportation vehicles fly in the sky! Our song for this month was the “Wheels on the Bus Go Round and Round”.

We also went over the numbers 7, 8, and 9 and the sounds “p”, “t” and “r”. We learned about different shapes such as our standard square, circle, and triangle; but also diamond, rectangle, oval, and pentagon! Our French circle also continued this month with Sister Sumra and the toddlers. We sang the the Elephants song known as “un elephant qui se balancait”. From this song, we learned the numbers in French from 1 to 10 (scroll down for pictures!). During Arabic circle, we learned the letters “Jeem”, “Ha”, and “Kha”. We also sang nasheeds and read some new stories!

Special Announcement: Friday will now be Show N’ Tell day! Please bring in one item you would like to share with the class and tell us all about it during our Circle Time! (If it is a food item, please make sure it does not contain peanuts and/or nuts, Jazakallah khayran!)


The Toddler room has been quite busy learning about all different types of animals! We have been talking about farm animals and jungle animals! A new song we learned is “5 Little Fishies”. We have been spending a lot of time playing outside as well! We were joined by two new students, Salma and Adam; welcome!


In the Infant room we have been busy bees crawling, walking, and running! We went to the masjid area to further enhance and develop those gross motor skills! We also had our own Arabic circle with nasheeds!



-Please make sure to drop your kids off in the classroom so that we know they are here that day.

-Another reminder to please bring in wipes and tissues!

-As the weather gets cold, we will not be going outside as much. However, when some days are less chilly than others, we might just take a quick stroll to get some fresh air, thus please make sure to have warm clothing for the children!

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