(Mississauga – December 7, 2015)

The allegations that anyone associated with Al-Huda may later have gone on to support violent extremism are deeply concerning. We will do everything we can to work with authorities to get to the bottom of these allegations.

We are very clear that terrorism is against Islamic teachings and anyone espousing or pledging allegiance to terrorist movements like ISIS or ISIL have clearly deviated from the religious teachings.

This is the first that we are learning of such allegations and are as deeply disturbed as anyone.  We ask anyone with information about criminal acts to immediately contact the authorities and emphasize that it is both a civic and religious duty to help keep Canada, and the world, safe from violent extremist ideologies.  Canadian law is clear on this and anyone actively promoting or supporting terrorism is committing a crime and a great sin.

Our courses are open and available online and we stand by our programming. We are deeply saddened by the knowledge that anyone would do harm to others in the name of our faith. This is the farthest thing from our lessons which teach only compassion, mercy, and how to live one’s life as an upright, actively engaged global citizen.  We join fellow Canadians to unequivocally condemn terrorist ideologies and hatred in any form.

All of our teachers are trained, as are our Teaching Assistants, to ensure that only accurate Islamic teachings are shared with the students.  If any concerns are raised, the school administration would do everything possible to investigate them and take immediate and decisive action to uphold the values of the institution and of the faith’s teachings.

Imran Haq | Operations Manager



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