(Mississauga – December 7, 2015) On behalf of Al Huda Institute Canada, a Canadian institute of Islamic learning, our thoughts and prayers are with the victims and families of the recent shootings in San Bernardino, California.  These horrific events remind us that now, more than ever, our society needs people and community organizations to come together in order to heal and work to prevent these types of tragedies.

“Al Huda Institute Canada strongly condemns such acts of violence. We don’t preach, believe in or accept violent extreme religious viewpoints of any nature,” says Imran Haq, Operations Manager at Al Huda Institute Canada.

“Our goal at the Institute is to bring people closer to God both through the study of religious scripture and by exemplifying their teachings in our day-to-day lives. True spirituality brings out the characteristics of humility and service in people. Over the last few months at the Institute, our community and students have collected over 4500 non-perishable food items which we were able to forward to a number of food banks, including the Mississauga Food Bank. Last week we wrapped up our annual coat drive, in which we collected over 400 coats to be distributed to various shelters before the brunt of winter hits.

“In order to maintain full transparency about what we teach and what we believe, we welcome guests to attend classes and we record and upload all of our classes for free distribution online. We encourage people to listen and learn for themselves and if they have any questions, to feel comfortable asking these in an open and accepting environment.”

These initiatives, in addition to interfaith events held earlier this year, are the true spirit of the Institute’s work.

Al Huda Institute was created to be a safe space for women to learn and explore their faith. The organization also plays an active role in being in the forefront of women’s rights and scholastic contributions. The climate against Muslims and Muslim organizations in Canada has increasingly become hostile, especially after recent attacks and even more so against women who chose to visibly display their faith. Insinuating any connection to Al-Huda Canada to any form of extremism is irresponsible journalism, and further puts Muslim women in Canada at risk.

Al Huda Canada is currently looking at increasing security around the campus in light of the recent attacks on Muslims.


Imran Haq, Operations Manager, 905-624-2030 x222 or via email at Imran.haq@alhudainstitute.ca

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