Junior Program Newsletter- April 2016


April was a month filled with the remnants of Winter (SubhanAllah!) as well as us, finally feeling the beginning of Spring (Alhumdullilah!). For this reason, towards the end of the month our nature walks started outside where we could observe some new flowers growing and fresh leaves growing back on trees! In honor of the new season, we also learned a new song;

I plant a seed in the cold, cold ground,

Out comes the yellow sun, big and round,

Down come the raindrops, soft and slow,

Out comes the flower, grow, grow, grow!

This is performed through actions with the children pretending to plant the seed, spreading their arms out to make a sun, and using their fingers demonstrating the rain falling down. At the end, they use their hands as sprouting flowers! Feel free to ask your child to teach it to you!

Another new song we learned was “I’m Bringing Home a Baby Bumblebee”. This is another action filled and imaginative song with the children carrying their bumblebees in their hands. It goes a little something like this:

I’m bringing home a baby bumblebee,

Won’t my mommy be so proud of me! (repeat)

Ouch! It stung me!

I’m squishing up my baby bumblebee, (squishing motion with hands)

Won’t my mommy be so proud of me! (repeat)

Eww! It’s all over me!

I’m washing off my baby bumble, (washing hands motion)

Won’t my mommy be so proud of me! (repeat)

Look! All clean!

In Arabic circle, we learned the letter .

We also keep up with our nasheeds and read a few books in Arabic!



For the Preschoolers, April was a month of crafts, learning and exploring, as well as the addition to a few new books! We started the month off by making umbrellas with raindrops! These are displayed outside our room for all to take a look and enjoy! We also made our own bumblebees! We used an empty egg carton which was already cut. We painted it yellow and added black stripes. With a teacher’s help, we used a hole puncher to make holes on the side and added pipe cleaner wings! Lastly, we added some googly eyes and a smile!

Some new books that we read this month are Why Should We Share by Claire Llewellyn. This book teaches us the importance of sharing with friends and how playing can be even more fun with a bit of sharing. We also read Bears Sees Colors by Karma Wilson discussing all the new colors which we will be seeing in Spring! One of our silly books this month has been Goodnight Already! by Jory John and Benji Davies. This book is about a duck and bear who are neighbors. The Bear cannot wait to sleep while the Duck is wide awake and is attempting to make Bear feel the same. After we read the book, we talked about how the Bear was grumpy but Allah and the Prophet Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him) has taught us to be good to our neighbors. Our last new book for the month was Allah Gave Me Two Hands and Feet by Raana Bokhari. In this book we learned all the amazing things our hands and feet can do as we are blessed to have them! We learned that we should thank Allah for his gifts of hands and feet by saying “Alhumdullilah”.


The toddlers also welcomed spring in their classroom, which is reflected from the artwork present there. They made little caterpillars! They also made butterflies using the pipe cleaners, markers, and stickers. They read Ready for Spring by Marthe Jacelyn. The book explained all the things we need to get ready for spring such as rain boots and raincoats!

They also joined the preschoolers for English and French circle a few times every week. During French circle we are learning a new colors song! The song is called Le Pomme est Rouge or The Red Apple. The children have also been reading some French books called La famille and Petit Ours Brun; est un champion.


In the infant classroom, the children have been going outside as well! During playtime they are pushing the bikes and kicking the balls! They have also been working with the stacking cups.


  • Please continue to bring in wipes, tissues, and disinfectant wipes! JazakAllah khayr.
  • We will be having our graduation celebration on Friday, May 27th, 2016. Please stay tuned for details!

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