4th Annual Dhul Hijjah Food Challenge Results are in!

This year’s Dhul Hijjah Food Challenge was very different in terms of the participating courses as our AHES students, boys Tahfidh classes and staff moved to a new location.  With half of the building empty, our remaining staff and students were still determined to  continue helping our neighbours in need.

  • Our weekday TQE7 class commenced in August 2016 and the Dhul Hijjah Food Challenge was their first Serving Humanity project.  They decided to form groups in their class and compete against each other to see which group could collect the most.  The effect of this was phenomenal as each group raced to outdo each other in good deeds.
  • Weekend classes TQE4 and TQU4 only had 1 day of class during the Dhul Hijjah Food Challenge due to the long weekend and Eid break.  Despite this fact, TQU4 students brought in their donations early and TQE4 students brought in their food items and also raised funds used for purchasing oil and rice.
  • Hifdh classes also participated and  their dedication to bring in items on a daily basis could be seen from their enthusiastic teachers and students.
  • Fiqh al Quloob students put in a good share of food donations and rose to the challenge.
  • From the outreach venues our Etobicoke class happily participated in this year’s challenge as well.

After the 10 day drive, the Al Huda community was able to collect 1,241 food items during this 4th #DhulHijjahFC!

And the class who collected the most was


Congratulations TQE7 on your efforts and everyone who participated.

Food donations were given to the following agencies:



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