A man asked the Messenger of Allah [SAW]: “What quality of Islam is best?” He said: “To feed (the poor) and to greet whomever one knows and whomever one does not know.”

[Sunan-an-Nasa’I, Hadith 5003]

Our Annual Ramadan Food Project is back!

Last year, we distributed 278 packages all over the community, and over 1100 food items to 7 different food banks and shelters.

From May 12, 2017, until June 4, 2017, become a part of the Ramadan Food Packages Project.

Please bring these food items and place them on the table at the back of the cafeteria:
Pasta Sauce
Tea Bags
Evaporated Milk
Canned Fruits/Canned Vegetables

OR  you can donate a monetary donation of $35. Please place the donation in the envelopes provided beside the donation boxes, and label as “Ramadan Food Package” and we’ll make the package for you.

Begin the month of Ramadan by helping a family in need.

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