Please join Imam Aarij Anwer at Al Huda Institute this Friday May 19th after Maghrib for an amazing reminder in regards to the “Quranic Proof for Allah’s Existence”! Admission to this event is FREE!

All those in attendance at Al Huda Institute for this event will also receive $10 off AlKauthar Toronto‘s next course “The Ultimate Reminder: A Study of the Qur’an through the life of the Prophet”. The course will be held on May the 20th in Toronto!

Key highlights of the course:

1. What Is the Quran?
a. The Meccan Era
b. The Beginning of Revelation
c. The Preparation
d. Rejection of Abu Lahab
e. Features of the Meccan Revelation

2. The Madinan Era
a. Three Unique Communities in Madinah
b. Qur’an’s Commentary on War
c. Qur’an’s Commentary on Peace
d. Peace Features of the Madinan Revelation

This is your chance to re-connect with the Book of Allah in preparation for the Month of the Qur’an. Enrol online at

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