Insha Allah, starting July 24th-August 16th, every Monday and Wednesday, we will be starting a new class for brothers 12+ that will renew your understanding of the prayer and give you a better appreciation of what the prayer is.

Learn the events that occurred in the life of our beloved Prophet SalAllahu Alayhi Wa Sallam before the prayer was given to him
– The prayer as a gift from our Creator
– The Adhkaar before/during/after the salah: meanings and commentary
– The correct method of praying – the conditions (shuroot), pillars (arkaan), essentials (wajibaat), recommended (sunan) acts of salah
– Mistakes in salah – what are mistakes? How to correct mistakes?
– Praying in jama’ah in the Masjid:
(a) Etiquettes and rights of the Masjid
(b) Lining up, correcting the Imam
(c) Types of prayers done in jama’ah: Jumu’ah, Janazah, istisqa

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Early Bird Special! Register early and get your spot before July 20th, to get a special bonus gift on Orientation Day.


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