This upcoming weekend is a big one full of events at Al Huda. Masha Allah, we’ve got 5 new fun, exciting programs for all backgrounds and ages!
1. Starting Friday evening at 7pm, Intro to Tajweed – for Brothers of all ages, in English. Improve your Recitation by learning the basics of tajweed theory. More details here:
2. Saturday morning at 10 am – 1:15pm Hayya Ala Salah – Taught by Dr. Farhat Hashmi – For Sisters, in Urdu – an in-depth study on the topic of Salah. More details here:
3. Saturday morning at 10 am – 1:15pm, Surah Al Baqarah – Taught by Dr. Idrees Zubair – For Brothers, in Urdu – A comprehensive study of the text of the pinnacle of the Qur’an, including recitation, translation & tafsir. More details here:
4. Saturday afternoon at 4-6 pm, Hum aur Hamaaray Waalidayn – For Seniors. In Urdu – A fresh new initiative to connect with seniors in our communities. This event is FREE! RSVP at
5. Saturday afternoon at 3-4:30 pm, Youth and Corporate Success – For all Brothers and Sisters, in English – a FREE workshop on learning what it takes for Muslims to succeed in the corporate world. Learn from our mentor, Mohammed Ali on how he’s managed to become Vice President of a large corporation!

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