Sahih Bukhari

Certificate Course of selected chapters

Every Friday

6-8 PM


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About the Course

This Certificate course that is offered in the English language will take students through a comprehensive study of selected chapters of the Sahih Al Bukhari book, along with classes such as du’as. The course will be held every Friday evenings.

Class Timing: 6 pm to 8 pm
Starting Date: September 14th, 2018
Completion Date: June 2019


There are several ways to take the course:

On Campus
This option will allow you to be in a classroom environment, to experience student-teacher interactions, to study alongside other students and to get the opportunity to learn, practice and share in a group setting.

This option is available to everyone regardless of gender, age and/or location. It will allow you to join the course at its designated time from the comfort of your home.

Course Staff
This course is taught by Sr. Taimiyyah Zubair. Her supporting staff have developed a deep understanding and interest in the Hadith and are enthusiastically seeking to pass that on to the students as their mentors.


  • All Ages welcome
  • Must have fluency in the English language.
  • Students must also have a personal interest to learn and understand the Hadith.
  • Once registered into the course, the student’s acceptance is conditional on passing the first 2 assessments. Passing grade is 80%.

Registration Fees



$75 per term [3 months]

Term 1: September to December (half month Free!)
Term 2: January to March
Term 3: April to June

Frequently Asked Questions


Who is eligible for the course?
  • Men, Women, Boys, Girls of all age; must have fluency in the English language.
  • Students must also have a personal interest to learn and understand the Hadith.
  • Once registered into the course, the student’s acceptance is conditional on passing the first 2 assessments. Passing grade is 80%.
I do not meet the prerequisites of this course. Do you offer any other courses where I can learn the Qur’an?

Yes, Alhamdulillah. Please click here for details on other Onsite & Online courses offered at Al Huda Institute.

I want to join this course but I am living outside Canada. What is the procedure to join this course?

Students from any part of the world are welcome to join us onsite or online. Al Huda does not facilitate visa/residence arrangements.

I heard about the course late, can I still join? How will I cover the missed lessons?

Yes, late admissions are accepted upon meeting course prerequisites (see question no.1).

You are required to make up for the missed lessons in order to obtain a certificate in Sahih Bukhari friday class. Please discuss with the Course In-charge for more information.


What language is the course offered in?


Is there Hifz also in this course?


What are the subjects taught in this course?
Subject Code Subject
Bukhari 101 Sahih Bukhari
Dua 220 Dua’as
Are the girls and boys going to be in the same class?

Yes, they will be in the same class (in the Masjid) with a barrier in between and they will also have separate group study sessions with  Group in-charges assigned to them. (Updates to follow).


How do I register?

The registrations are to be done online only. The online form can be found below. 

Once the online form is filled, paid and submitted you will receive an email confirmation. 

What happens if a student enrolls after the registration due date has passed?how will I cover the missed lesson?

You may come and speak to the course in charge in person and will be guided accordingly.


When does the course begin?

The course begins on Friday, 14th September, 2018, inshaAllah.

What is the complete duration of the course?

Course Duration: 10 months

Starting date : 14th September 2018

Completion date: June 2019

Total terms: 3 terms = 3 months each

What are the class timings?

Timings: Every Friday 6:00 pm- 8:00 pm

Due to major time differences in some parts of the worlds, will the class recording be replayed at a different time?

Recordings will be uploaded on MyAlhuda portal for students .


What is the tuition fee of the course?

$75/ term

Books are not included. 

Family discount is also available. For further details, please discuss with Course Coordinator.

How can I pay my fees?

All three terms fee will be collected Online only!!

I cannot pay the fees, can I still do the course?

Financial support is approved only after a certain probation period in which student’s Academic performance and commitment are taken into account. Further inquiries to be discussed with the Course Coordinator in person.

Refund Policy

Refunds can be provided within first month of the course.


What books are we required to have?
  • Bukhari binders
  • Du’a book
Where can I purchase the books from?

The books can be purchased from the Al Huda Bookstore at the Institute. Click here to purchase the books online


What is the required % of attendance in order to receive the certificate?


Do we get holidays for special occasions such as Eid?

Yes. Alhamdulillah. Complete list of holidays can be available from the Course Incharge.

Can I take a few weeks off due to pregnancy/delivery/wedding?

Yes, however, it is upon the student to make up for missed notes/test/assignments. A leave of Absence note should be submitted to the Course Incharge ahead of time.

I have work/school commitments on the weekend due to which I have to leave early, will I be allowed to leave the class early, or drop in late as a routine?
No. Missing lessons regularly as a routine will negatively impact learning and understanding.


Are there any tests or exams? If so, are they written or oral?

Yes, there will be oral tests and Online assignment and students will be given a time limit to attempt the assignment at home.

Is there active participation required in the course i.e., do I have to interact with instructors/students?
Yes, each student whether on-site or online will be assigned a group. Students will do their lessons. Instructors will review their Hadith text have discussions and activities related to all the course material.


In order to obtain the certificate, am I required to complete all the tests/assessments?
Yes, the student must successfully complete all the required tests and assignments with a passing grade (80%) in order to obtain a certificate.
Will certificate of this course be recognized by other Islamic schools to enable me become a teacher or use the credits of this course anywhere?

Not guaranteed.


Is the course available online?

Yes! Click Here  for details on Sahih Bukhari Friday class online.

Click here for more information on other online courses

For Online students - is the course completely online or is there physical attendance required?

The class is completely online and physical attendance is not required. Online Students’ attendance is taken online daily.


Is transport facility provided for all students? If yes, what are the charges?

An official transport facility is not provided for all students. However, car pooling is encouraged. Students who need a ride to and from the institute may contact the reception to arrange for a ride from their area of residence.

Is there any facility for babies and toddlers?

Yes, there is proper onsite facility only available for registered student Fathers and Mothers.

Friday Stars:

  • Ages 6-11 years
  • Only for registered students of above 1-3 programs
  • No Drop-ins accepted
  • Registration is mandatory
  • Payments (cash) enrollments only

Friday Flowers:

  • Ages 5 months – 5 years
  • Only for registered students of above 1-3 programs
  • Drop-ins are accepted ($10/- per child per day)
  • Registration is mandatory
  • Payments (cash) enrollments only

Please e-mail course coordinator for more information about the programs and to get the link of these forms if you are intend to bring kids.

Is there any service at the Institute I can volunteer for?

Yes, for further details to be discussed with Course Incharge.

Will I be able to get any reference letter if I do any volunteer services there?
Yes, students can get their volunteer hours mentioned with their reference letter.
I have a physical condition which prevents me from prolonged sitting, can I still join? Will there be special accommodation for my condition?
This can be discussed with Course Incharge as per need.
Are there any extra hours I'll need to spend studying over the week?

Yes, this course will have its online assignments scheduled to be attempted during week day hence students must be prepared to dedicate few hours every week to accomplish good results. Homework is assigned in this course as in any other educational program.

Is there a uniform code?


For Girls: a black/neutral colour shirt with a black skirt or a plain black abaya and a white headscarf. Head scarves are available to purchase at the bookstore.

For Boys: Navy Blue Uniform shirt/Black pants

What’s the Course Incharge Contact Information


Please contact us using the information below if you have any questions, suggestions, or issues about the course. If you have any general questions, please read over our FAQ below, and contact us if you still need help.


Phone: 905-624-2030

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