Helping one in need – Story of many coming together

A lady who had recently migrated to Canada called Serving Humanity for  food items and everyday house hold items.

Our dedicated donors helped collect many of the food items that she needed and helped with as many items as they could.

We have committed to provide one month’s basic food items for her and the children.

Pictures of some of the items donated:

Our successful projects this year for 2010 – 2011!

  • FOOD BANK – Collected 6000lbs of food since August 2010
  • RELIEF EFFORTS – Collected over $30,000 in donations
  1. COMPUTER SKILLS: Conducted 5 successful workshops, helping more than 300 people
  2. CREATIVE CRAFTS: 15 girls learned knitting skills
  • BRIGHT LIGHT – Helped more than 15 children with their school homework
  • MENTAL HEALTH WORKSHOP – More than 30 attendees learned about healthy coping methods
  • 20 MINUTE MAKE OVER – Participated with Peel Region by cleaning surrounding neighbourhood

See the PDF version of the Serving Humanity Statistics 2010 – 2011 here!

Serving Humanity donates food to Ernestine's Women Shelter!

When we found out that Ernestine’s Women’s Shelter were in need for food item, we decided to give them food donation from our food bank. This Summer Serving Humanity reached out to Ernestine’s Women’s Shelter and provided them with essential food staple. Our experience was wonderful, we learnt much about the shelter, and the people who work there are great.

We were able to donate 702lbs of food, which helped approximately 60 women and accompanying children.

Click here to see items donated to the shelter!

About Ernestine’s Women’s Shelter:

Ernestine’s Women’s Shelter was opened in 1983 by a group of community members who saw a need for a safe place for women and children fleeing violence. Since that time, Ernestine’s has assisted over 5,000 families with critical immediate care services.

The founders were pleased to name the shelter after Ernestine van Marle who gave them support and guidance as they began the shelter, and continued to support the shelter’s efforts in ending violence against women and children until her passing in 2006. Ernestine embodied all the characteristics that our shelter aspires toward: energetic, community minded, supportive and dedicated.

Visit their website for more information:

Donate for the East African Drought!

photo: Bert Kaufmann via Flickr

As we all know, East Africa is in dire need of immediate help. The worst drought in 60 years has hit Somalia and it’s surrounding areas. More than 9 million people and 29,000 children under the age of five have died due to severe malnutrition. Land is left barren, livestock left as carcasses, and crops are no longer existent.  People have been reported to be travelling for an estimate of 40 days to find refuge in refugee camps in order to flee from the drought. These refugee camps are already overflowing and doctors are not able to provide aid to all patients right away.

Serving Humanity is dedicated to helping these people in desperate need by collecting funds from major areas across the GTA. Dedicated volunteers and committed staff are planning weekly fundraising goals by different means.

To donate, please find donation boxes located at the main entrance and reception of Serving Humanity office. Please place any donations inside the envelopes that are located beside the donation boxes and mark them with “East Africa Donations”.

Drop off donations at:
5671 McAdam Rd.
Mississauga, ON
L4Z 1N9

August – Month of Giving!

 There are people in the community who do not have enough food to eat a proper morning meal or breakfast. In Mississauga alone, 17% of the population lives in poverty (Mississauga Food Bank).

August – Month of Giving! was started for the reason of giving food to others in need and contributing towards the development of the community. The simple process involves packing staple food items for shelters and food programmes across the Greater Toronto Area. Our first collection was a success with 702 lbs of food delivered to Ernestine Women’s Shelter.The types of items needed to create the staple food packages are:
Baby Food

Contribute in any capacity you are able.

Drop off food items in the Food Bank bins at:

5671 McAdam Rd., Mississauga, ON. L4Z 1N9.

For more questions, contact 905-366-1099.1. 

Build a Bridge! Learn about a new faith!

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Featuring an Art Gallery, where Art work of Muslims will be displayed!

Want to learn Arabic Calligraphy?

Want to learn about the core tenets in Islam?

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