3rd Annual Serving Humanity Coat Drive Results!

This November, Al Huda Institute’s staff and students committed to making this winter safer and warmer for hundreds of our fellow neighbors in Toronto.  By the Mercy of God we were able to collect and donate 765 coats this year.  That’s a 575% increase from last year!

Congratulations to the Al Huda staff and students on this amazing accomplishment.  May you be rewarded for all your contributions and support.

We distributed the coats to the following agencies:

  1. Nisa Homes

  2. National Zakat Foundation

  3. Homes First

  4. Muslim Welfare Centre

  5. Ernestine’s Women’s Shelter

  6. New Circles

  7. Michael’s Hospital Rotary Transition Centre

  8. Etobicoke Food Bank

  9. Interval House of Hamilton

  10. Native Women’s Resource Centre of Toronto

Pictures below of our 30 day journey in collecting, sorting, logging and distributing the coats.  All of this could not be possible except with the help of dedicated volunteers.


Winter Coat Drive Accomplishment

Serving Humanity Coat Drive; a huge success!

It is amazing to see how one idea can produce such a lasting impact on the lives of many families

Late November 2013, Serving Humanity launched a new initiative where we collected coats that were gently used or brand new. The idea that propelled our coat drive was if you have one coat that you are not using; donate it for someone who will find difficulty in staying warm this winter.


We worked with Mercy Mission, who started collecting used clothes for da’wah. Since our coat drive was a brand new initiative, we were not sure of the response we would receive.

The project included people of all ages and coats of many sizes. Alhamdullilah, the response was amazing to our winter coat drive – donations poured into our institute.

We asked one of the people who donated their coat that why exactly did they decide to this act of kindness. They replied that it was simply to help the less unfortunate to beat this harsh cold winter. As the Globe and Mail reports, “The December ice storm that left hundreds of thousands of Toronto residents without power cost the city approximately $106-million, according to a report from city staff.”

We collected a total of 330 coats in new and used condition. A total of 150lbs of clothing was collected for da’wah.

 In the midst of our winter coat drive, Muslim Welfare Centre contacted us requesting winter items. Mercy Mission helped Muslim Welfare Centre with clothes that Al Huda Institute collected. A total of 140 items were donated to Muslim Welfare Centre.


Due to the enormous success of our winter coat drive, we plan to continue this project in the future, insha’Allah.