Share the Blessings – Ramadan Food and Toy Drive

Our Annual Ramadan project is back! This Ramadan, Share the Blessings with everyone in the community through our Food and Toy Drive. Help us feed local families by sharing non-perishable food items such as rice, sugar, flour, oil, canned fruits/vegetables and more. Participate in our toy drive by bringing new, packaged toys, and help us brighten a child’s Eid.

“The Prophet صلى الله عليه و سلم was the most generous of all people, and he used to be even more generous in the month of Ramadan…(Bukhari)”

All food items and toys can be dropped off at Al Huda Institute, 5671 McAdam Road, Mississauga. There are two food bins; one at the main entrance, and one in the women’s prayer area entrance. All toys can be dropped off at reception or in the cafeteria.

*Note: We do our best to allocate and disperse Ramadan donations in the month of Ramadan. Donations that come in too late are either held for the next Ramadan or dispersed in appropriate projects as per need.

Women’s Health Lecture Series 2018

We are excited to announce the very first session of our Women’s Health Lecture Series in collaboration with the Muslim Medical Association of Canada!

Join us on Saturday, May 5, 2018 at 2:30 pm, at Al Huda Institute, 5671 McAdam Rd, Mississauga, as we gain insightful information about common health concerns faced by women.

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Women's Health Lecture Series

Relationships – A Mental Health and Wellness Workshop

Have you ever had questions about Dating and Marriage? How are they viewed differently from an Islamic lens vs. a Cultural lens? Have we ever thought about the correlation between these topics and our mental health? Join us for a FREE workshop for Sisters on Thursday, March 29, 2018, at 10:00 am at Al Huda Institute Canada, 5671 McAdam Road, Mississauga. 

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Spring Food Drive

Today is the first day of Spring! Let’s make this a time of hope and optimism for the community. Starting today until March 29, 2018, we are participating in the Mississauga Food Bank’s Spring Food Drive.

Donate non-perishable food items and drop them off to Al Huda Institute, 5671 McAdam Rd, Mississauga. The most needed items are canned fruits, canned vegetables, and pasta sauce. Food items can be dropped off in the food bins located at the front entrance and the back of the prayer hall. 

Spread the word to friends and family and help us feed our neighbours!

Raising Disability Awareness

How much do we know about Disabilities? Ever thinnk about what difficulties and challenges are faced by people with Disabilities? Join us for our ‘Raising Disability Awareness’ Workshop led by SMILE Canada, on Saturday, March 24, at 2:30 pm, at Al Huda Institute, 5671 McAdam Road, Mississauga.

The workshop will provide an introduction to disabilities, and discuss the practical aspects of Inclusion and Accessibility in today’s society.

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