SPRING FOOD DRIVE for Mississauga Food Bank

It’s spring time in Mississauga! A time of renewed hope and optimism. Join us in spreading that feeling across the city to as many struggling families and hungry kids as we can! From now until Sunday, April 10, we are participating in Mississauga Food Bank’s Spring Food Drive.

Drop your nutritious, NON-perishable donations in the wooden bins located at Al Huda’s front entrance, and at the back of the prayer hall. The most needed items are rice, beans, peanut butter, and canned fish, meat, vegetables, and fruit.

So get to the grocery store, knock on some doors, get to your phones and emails, and spread the word to friends, family, and neighbours that Al Huda is helping feed Mississauga this spring, and we need their help!

More info on the drive and the need: http://www.themississaugafoodbank.org/event/spring-drive/

Have questions? Send them to us at serving.humanity@alhudainstitute.ca

Please note that we will not be collecting money this drive, only food. Lots and lots of healthy food!

Al Huda Institute Canada address: 5671 McAdam Road, Mississauga ON  L4Z 1N9

3rd Annual Serving Humanity Coat Drive Results!

This November, Al Huda Institute’s staff and students committed to making this winter safer and warmer for hundreds of our fellow neighbors in Toronto.  By the Mercy of God we were able to collect and donate 765 coats this year.  That’s a 575% increase from last year!

Congratulations to the Al Huda staff and students on this amazing accomplishment.  May you be rewarded for all your contributions and support.

We distributed the coats to the following agencies:

  1. Nisa Homes

  2. National Zakat Foundation

  3. Homes First

  4. Muslim Welfare Centre

  5. Ernestine’s Women’s Shelter

  6. New Circles

  7. Michael’s Hospital Rotary Transition Centre

  8. Etobicoke Food Bank

  9. Interval House of Hamilton

  10. Native Women’s Resource Centre of Toronto

Pictures below of our 30 day journey in collecting, sorting, logging and distributing the coats.  All of this could not be possible except with the help of dedicated volunteers.


Dhul Hijjah Food Challenge Final Results!

Ma sha’ Allah, by His grace Al Huda was able to collect 4.5 thousand food items during this 3rd #DhulHijjahFC, a whopping increase of 62% from last year! Jazakum Allahu khayran, everyone, for caring so much and helping our hungry neighbours.

Congratulations to the Outreach Venues who seriously led this event. Being first-time participants did not deter them from winning the Challenge, with Etobicoke in 3rd place, Milton in 2nd place, andScarborough ranking 1st across the organization, ma sha’ Allah!

A special thank you to the Challenge Leads, who led their classes throughout the DHFC, and worked with the Serving Humanity team to log in their results.

Together as a team of Al Huda staff and onsite and online students, we have set the bar high for ourselves, so let us use this as an opportunity to make a habit of helping the vulnerable, and increasing our ranks in the sight of Al-Karim, the Generous.

DHFC 2015 Final Results

Lifeline Syria Challenge

Help bring a Syrian family home to Toronto by contributing to the Lifeline Syria Challenge!


LIfeline Syria Challenge