Prophet (saw) said: “None of you will have faith till he loves for his brother what he loves for himself.”

Donate for the East African Drought!

photo: Bert Kaufmann via Flickr

As we all know, East Africa is in dire need of immediate help. The worst drought in 60 years has hit Somalia and it’s surrounding areas. More than 9 million people and 29,000 children under the age of five have died due to severe malnutrition. Land is left barren, livestock left as carcasses, and crops are no longer existent.  People have been reported to be travelling for an estimate of 40 days to find refuge in refugee camps in order to flee from the drought. These refugee camps are already overflowing and doctors are not able to provide aid to all patients right away.

Serving Humanity is dedicated to helping these people in desperate need by collecting funds from major areas across the GTA. Dedicated volunteers and committed staff are planning weekly fundraising goals by different means.

To donate, please find donation boxes located at the main entrance and reception of Serving Humanity office. Please place any donations inside the envelopes that are located beside the donation boxes and mark them with “East Africa Donations”.

Drop off donations at:
5671 McAdam Rd.
Mississauga, ON
L4Z 1N9