Say, “In the bounty of Allah and in His mercy – in that let them rejoice; it is better than what they accumulate.”
[Surah Younus: 58]

Alhamdulillah, at Al Huda Institute Canada, we are preparing for our 8th convocation ceremony this year, for the many courses completed in the past 2 years.


Al Huda Canada, Al Huda U.S and the more recent Al Huda Distance Learning teams are all humbled in recognition of the blessing of Allah swt to be part of a great vision … ‘Qur’an for ALL; In Every hand, In Every heart.’

List of Graduating Courses

Qur’an Tafseer

  • Taleem al Quran – English (Batches 7 & 8)
  • Juz Tabaarak (29) – English
  • Surah al Baqarah – English
  • Surah Aali Imran – English
  • Taleem al Quran – Urdu (Batch 5)
  • Tafheem al Quran (Milton)
  • Tadabbur al Quran – Juz 29
  • Tadabbur al Quran – Juz 30

Hifdh & Tajweed

  • Hifdh al Quran
  • Taleem Al Tajweed
  • Tajweed 101
  • Tajweed 102


  • Taleem al Hadith (Batch 6)
  • Sahih Bukhari – Weekend
  • Sahih Bukhari – Fridays


  • eCampus Courses

Distance Learning

  • Fahm al Quran  – Edmonton
  • Fahm al Quran – London
  • Surah al Baqarah – Cambridge
  • Surah al Baqarah – Edmonton
  • Surah al Baqarah – Etobicoke
  • Surah Aali Imran – Cambridge
  • Surah Aali Imran – Etobicoke

Checklist for Registration

Registration steps provided on this page are for Onsite Graduates, Distance learning and eCampus Courses only.

Please make sure to complete all applicable steps:

1. Check your Eligibility Criteria
To be eligible for graduating at the Convocation 2019, please make sure that you:

  • Have fulfilled all the academic requirements for your course in order to receive the Diploma/Certificate.
  • Have cleared all dues (fee payments) from the duration of the course.

Students who have doubts of their results completion status and fulfilling the qualifications of obtaining Diploma/Certificate, are advised to confirm with their Course Coordinators.


2. R.S.V.P.  via registration form below


4. Submit registration fee online via registration form below


4. Pickup Graduation Scarf


* Please note that Academic Office at Al Huda Institute Canada reserves the right to make a final decision about graduation eligibility.
* Certificates and Diplomas will ONLY be printed on the completion of registration, due by Sept. 30th, 2019.

Graduates who do not complete registration requirements by the given due date, their results will remain withheld and will not be included for the ceremony this year. They are welcome to attend the ceremony as guests.



We appreciate and celebrate those who’ve started the effort of Living the Qur’an!

At Al Huda, Convocation is a formal event of graceful recognition of graduate accomplishments, those who’ve studied the noble texts of Qur’an and Hadith and the various sciences as well as valuable texts for tazkiyah and spiritual uplift of the believers.

Our graduates testify to the enrichment of lives and satisfaction of souls attained with the course study, they feel they have been able to redefine and realign their lives in the light of Qur’an, have an improved connection with their Creator as well as the family, the community and the humanity in general.

At the event, audience can hope to listen to some of the graduate reflections of how their journey was and where they are headed to.

WHO is coming?

We expect dignitaries to grace the event, both of Islamic Scholarship, and those with an academic, socio-political impact on the community.

Members of other Islamic organizations, Islamic schools and representatives of various community welfare initiatives are also valuable guests expected to attend.

Our larger body of guests include graduates, students, alumni, sisters from Islamic community around the GTA, from other cities and provinces of Canada as well as U.S.

Why the Registration Fee?

A portion goes to offset the administrative costs of managing graduate data, compiling, producing results and diploma/certificates, which go through the hands of multiple staff for multiple months. Some of the fee also helps with innumerable event related expenses.

What if multiple family members are graduating?

For multiple members graduating from same family, please note:

  • Each member needs to complete the graduate registration individually. There is no multiple family discount in the graduation fee.
  • Students with genuine financial constraints, experiencing hardship in affording the applicable fee, can apply for Financial Assistance, where proof of financial limitations will be required.  
  • A decision of assistance will be made by the Academic office, based on students records, and in consultation with the course coordinator. 
I'm graduating in multiple courses. What is the registration fee in that case?

For students graduating in multiple courses, please note:

  • Regular registration fee of $75/  applies for the first course.
  • And $25/- applies for each additional course. 
What if I'm unable to attend ?

Please note that students who are unable to attend the ceremony in person and wish to receive the Diploma/Certificate,  must also fulfill the Registration requirements.

You have the option of:

  • Picking up your documents at a later date by yourself
  • Someone else picking up your documents on your behalf   *name of person authorized to pick up on on your behalf is required
  • Having your documents mailed* to you by the Institute      *shipping handling charges to be incurred by student
May I bring my male relative as guest?

Yes, male relatives can accompany graduate students.

However please note that there is a guest limit of 2 members only.

Graduates are required to provide the number of guest  accompanying them on the registration form. 

There will be segregated seating arrangement for the male members.

Where will the graduates be seated ?

Seating in front will be reserved for those graduates wearing the required uniform.

Guests will be guided to their seating area by volunteers

What will the graduates be wearing?
On October 20th, 2019  Graduating students are required to come in Graduate uniform as applicable.
  • for sisters: black abaya and graduate scarf
  • for brothers: black pants and graduate shirt

Applicable graduate garment [i.e scarf for sisters or shirt for boys ] can be collected.

Bringing in your little ones and need help taking care of them?

Junior Program facilitation for your children between the ages of 6 months-4 years can be booked, with advance payment as you register yourself as a graduate.  

A spot for an activity-based Graduation program for graduate’s children (4-8 years) can also be booked with advance payment. It will be running parallel to the Convocation ceremony . 

For inquiring further about any of the above, you may contact our Graduate Facilitation Coordinator: Sr. Wafa Kadri.



Graduates, please note!


(1) For all courses (except Tahfidh), a special package discount is furnished. The Registration fee of $75/- applies for first course and $25/- for every additional course, which is required to be paid online on submission of the form.

Example: Student A is graduating from 3 weekend courses, then they pay $75 + $ 25 + $25 for their qualifying accreditation


(2) For Tahfidh, the Registration fee is $100/-, which is required to be paid onsite at Fee Window.


(3) For Childcare, the Registration fee is $10/- per child, which is required to be paid online on submission of the childcare registration form. Click here to access the Childcare Registration Page.


(4) Guest registration RSVP: Graduates are welcome to bring along two guests, however, it is necessary to complete guest registration RSVP, to enable us provide appropriate seating and meal arrangement. 

Fee Window Hours of operation:

  • Tuesday & Thursday 9:00 am – 3:00 pm
  • Saturday – Sunday 10:00 am – 1:30 pm

Read everything above? Submit fill out the form below:


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