End of times and the Beginning of Quran

Read ~ Understand ~ Reflect


A Two-Week Course

for Brothers 13-21 yrs


Conducted by Ustadh Ahmad Saleem

In English 


  • Duration: 24th Dec 2018 -to- 3rd Jan 2019
  • Weekdays: Monday -to- Thursday
  • Timings: 9:00am -to- 3:00pm
  • Fees: $160/- one-time (includes materials and meals)
  • ∴ Class available onCampus & Online ∴ !


Course Outcomes

  • Perfect the recitation of the Surah al Fatiha 
  • W2W of Surah Al Fatiha
  • Understand the tafseer of Surah Al Fatiha. 
  • Conduct some reflective Journaling and Discussions.
  • Increase the Iman in Akhirah and in Ghabiyaat by learning about 10 Major Signs of Qiyamah.

About the Teachers

Dr. Idrees Zubair

Dr. Idrees Zubair is currently the Director of Al Huda International Welfare Foundation. In 1983, he began his career as a lecturer at the International Islamic University, Islamabad in the Department of Usool-ud-Deen. In 1985, Dr. Zubair went to the University of Glasgow, Scotland to pursue a Ph.D in Hadith Sciences with his wife Dr. Farhat Hashmi. He has previously held the position of Associate Professor in the Islamic Research Institute and also served as the Chairman of the Hadith Department at Allama Iqbal Open University.

Dr. Zubair and his wife Dr. Farhat Hashmi established Al Huda in 1994 with the aim of educating Muslims about the meanings of the Qur’an. Over the last two decades, Al Huda has expanded across many countries around the world with students numbering in the thousands.

Dr. Zubair has lectured in different parts of the world and has taught diverse courses in Islamic Sciences.

Ustadh Ahmad Saleem

Imam Ahmad Saleem specializes in Tafseer and Seerah. He has dedicated more than 7 years studying with Shaykh Diya Al-Faidy, Vice Rector of Nooriya Islamic University, completing more than 20 classical texts in various sciences. In addition, he has completed the Tafseer of the Quran and its word-to-word translation under the tutelage of Dr. Farhat Hashmi. He later completed various texts under the guidance of over 20 scholars during his time in the Middle East. With an acute ability to explain difficult Islamic concepts to the average Muslim, he is a frequently sought-out speaker. In addition to public speaking, he is a certified coach and executive trainer.

Ustadh Dirie Ahmed

Graduated with a certificate in Arabic Language (two-year program) and a diploma in Arabic Language & Islamic Studies (one-year program) from Imam Muhammad ibn Saud Islamic University, Riyadh, KSA. Dirie continues to study at the same institute working towards completing his BA in Islamic Law (Sharia).

Frequently Asked Questions


Who is eligible for the course?
  • Have the basic ability to read Qur’anic text.
  • Fluency in the English language.
  • Students must also have a personal interest to learn and understand the Qur’an.
I do not meet the prerequisites of this course. Do you offer any other courses where I can learn the Qur’an?

Yes, Alhamdulillah. Please click here for details on other Onsite & Online courses offered at Al Huda Institute.


What language is the course offered in?
Is there Hifz also in this course?
There is only some memorization of du’as in this course. However, the word to word Arabic to English translation of the selected verses will be required to be memorized. Students will be given guidance and tips on how to do this, while continuing with their regular weekday studies or work.
What are the subjects taught in this course?
This short course will focus on 3 T’s of the curriculum, namely the Tajwid, Translation and Tafsir.



Subject Code Subject
QUR 100 Al-Qur’an – Recitation and Tajweed of Selected Ayaat
QUR 101 Al-Qur’an – Translation and Tafsir of Selected Ayaat
I heard about the course late, can I still join? How will I cover the missed lessons?

Yes, late admissions are accepted upon meeting course prerequisites (see question no.1).You are required to make up for the missed lessons in order to obtain a certificate in Divine Light class 2017. Please discuss with Brother Shuaib for more information.

Are there any age limits?

Boys – 16 and above [Assessment Based].This course is specifically being offered for young boys 16+ and up to mid 20s, to ensure  learning progresses in a comfortable and open atmosphere for students, with focus on young male adults and their perceptions, learning expectations are also set as age- appropriate.

My brother/son/nephew is very brilliant but he doesn't meet the minimum age requirement, can he please apply?

Students under the age limit will be interviewed by the Course Coordinator, to determine their level of comprehension. Students who don’t fit the learning expectations of the course are still welcome to attend class as listener.


How do I register?
The registrations are to be done Online Only. The online form can be found here.Once the Online form is submitted and the fee is paid, an admission acceptance email from the Course Coordinator will be sent and then you may pay the course fee. It may take up to 5-7 days to receive any response. We will appreciate your cooperation.
When are we supposed to register by?

Ideally, registration should be completed before arriving for the first introductory Class on August 8th.  If you are late, you may still register as late as the first week of August

Interview or Assessment: What should I expect?
For applicants below or above the age limits mentioned, there may be an interview needed to assess the suitability of this course for them. This Interview comprises of a basic Tajweed evaluation, a quick discussion of personal interests, and commitment level of the applicant.
What happens if the student enrols after the registration due date has passed? How will I cover the missed lesson?
You may come and speak to the course coordinator in person and will be guided.


When does the course begin?
The course begins on the evening of Tuesday, August 8th, 2017, inshaAllah.
What is the complete duration of the course as well as the days and timings?
Course Duration: 4 weeksStarting date: August 8th, 2017Completion date: August 31st, 2017
What are the class timings?
6:30pm8:30pm Every Tuesday and Thursday in AugustChanging Salah times will be built within the timetable to ensure all students and team members pray in congregation according to Al Huda Masjid schedules.


What is the tuition fee of the course?
Flat Fee $ 100 – payable Online OnlyIncludes Registration Fee, Tuition Fee and Course Books
How can I pay my fees? Cash /Cheque?
Online payment Only here.
I cannot pay the fees, can I still do the course?
Since this is a short course, any one with financial challenges can attend the course as a listener and purchase the books needed.


What books are we required to have?
Needed books will be provided by the Course Coordinator on the Orientation day. If you join late, please contact him via email on when you can receive them.


Are there any tests or exams? If so, are they written or oral?
Yes. The Course Coordinator will inform about assessments during the first 2 weeks of the classes.
Is there active participation required in the course i.e., do I have to interact with Instructors/students?
Yes, each student online will be assigned a group. Students will do their lessons. Instructors will listen to students’ Tajweed, ask questions pertaining to their daily Tafsir lesson, and conduct various different activities related to the course material.


Are there any tests or exams? If so, are they written or oral?
Yes, there will be oral tests and Online assignment and students will be given a time limit to attempt the assignment at home.
Is there active participation required in the course i.e., do I have to interact with instructors/students?
Yes, each student whether on-site or online will be assigned a group. Students will do their lessons. Instructors will listen to students’ Tajweed, ask questions pertaining to their daily Tafsir lesson, and conduct various different activities related to the course material.


In order to obtain the certificate, am I required to complete all the tests/assessments?
Yes, the student must successfully complete all the required assessments with a passing grade (80%), and maintain an Attendance of 90% in order to obtain a certificate.


I have a physical condition which prevents me from sitting over an hour, can I still join? Will there be special accommodation for my condition?
This can be discussed with Course Coordinator as per need.
Are there any extra hours I'll need to spend studying over the week?
Yes, this course will have its weekly learning requirements and assessments, hence students must be prepared to dedicate few hours every week to accomplish good results. Homework is assigned in this course as in any other educational program.
Is there a uniform code?
Yes. Navy Blue uniform shirt & Black Pants
What’s the Course Coordinator's Contact Information?


Is there any service at the Institute I can volunteer for?
Yes, the Institute is always in need of committed, energetic and modest male volunteers for a variety of events and setup needs. If you are able to dedicate a few hours every week, please discuss with the Course Coordinator.
Will I be able to get any reference letter if I do any volunteer services there?
Yes, students can get their volunteer hours mentioned with their reference letter.


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