Say, “In the bounty of Allah and in His mercy – in that let them rejoice; it is better than what they accumulate.”
[Surah Younus: 58]


Alhamdulillah, at Al Huda Institute Canada, we are preparing for Your e-Graduation this month!

Al Huda Canada and all Supporting Course teams are humbled in recognition of the blessing of Allah azza wa Jalla, to be part of a great vision
Qur’an for ALL; In Every hand, In Every heart.


List of Graduating Courses

Qur’an Tafseer

  • Taleem al Quran English (TQE9)
  • Taleem al Quran Urdu (TQU6)
  • Taleem al Quran Urdu (TQU5)
  • Tafheem al Quran (TFQ1)
  • Juz 25 – Tadabbur al Quran Urdu (TDQ6)
  • Juz 26 – Tadabbur al Quran Urdu (TDQ5)
  • Surah Al Nisa (NSA)
  • Timeless Stories (TTS2)

Hifdh & Tajweed

  • Taleem al Tajweed (TTE3)
  • Hifdh al Qur’an PT/FT  (HFZ)

Short Courses

  • Names of Allah (NOA)
  • Names of Allah (NOA2)

Graduation and Registration Details

Graduation Date:

Due to COVID restrictions still in effect, the Graduation Committee has decided to issue the qualifying accreditation via email. Upon timely completion of the required registration, graduates will start receiving the marks sheet and Diploma/Certificate on 1st December 2021 in shaa Allah. 

Eligibility Criteria:
Each student who has completed a course as a registered student with Al Huda Institute Canada is eligible to graduate, provided she (he) has:

  • fulfilled all the academic requirements for the course and has qualified to receive the Diploma/Certificate.
  • cleared all dues (fee payments) from the duration of the course.

*Please note: 

  1. Academic Office at Al Huda Institute Canada reserves the right to make a final decision about a student’s graduation eligibility.
  2. Certificates and Diplomas will be issued only for the students who complete the registration form below by November 26th, 2021 
  3. Certificates and Diplomas are being issued Only digitally this year, in a printable PDF format.  Graduates may take print out if needed.
  4. Al Huda Institute Canada is not printing physical certificates since last year due to caution around handling the documentation in the COVID safety context.


  1. Complete the Registration Form.
  2. Pay the applicable fee online as instructed on the form.



What’s the Purpose of a Graduation ?

Graduation is a Time of Humility & Gratitude: We appreciate and celebrate those who have started the effort of Living the Qur’an!

At Al Huda, Graduation and conferring of certificates/diploma is celebrated as a time of graceful recognition of graduate accomplishments, those who have studied the noble texts of the Qur’an and Hadith and the various sciences as well as valuable texts for tazkiyah and spiritual uplift of the believers.

Our graduates testify to the enrichment of lives and satisfaction of souls attained with the course study, they feel they have been able to redefine and realign their lives in the light of Qur’an, have an improved connection with their Creator as well as the family, the community and the humanity in general.

While we may not have a formal in-person ceremony this year, we will be happy to receive your written reflections on how your journey with the Qur’an has been, how you are carrying this noble amaanah with you today and what you intend to do with this treasure in the future!  Write to us! 

I'm graduating in multiple courses. What is the registration fee in that case ?

e-Graduate Registration Fee: 

This is a very small amount you can intend as a course graduation sadaqah going towards the completion of your documentation and results records

  1. For Taleem al Qur’an or similar weightage Diploma or Certificate Courses: $25
  2. For each short course running less than a year: $10
  3. Since many graduates have completed multiple shorter duration courses with us within the past two years, a special discount is being furnishedAnyone who has graduated from 2 or more short courses pay Only $20 
Why is there a Graduation fee while there is no ceremony ?

This Graduation fee is much lower than in the past years and has been kept especially keeping in mind the financial constraints of everyone. Since there is no ceremony, eliminated are the expenses of meal or gift. Most of the cost of producing results and accreditation documents will be shouldered by the Institute (it includes many full time paid staff working hundreds of hours on the results). Only a fraction of it will be covered by the e-Graduation fee.

What If I don’t want to register and pay ?

Certificates and Diplomas will be issued only for the students who complete the registration form below by November 26th, 2021 

We highly encourage you to register because this final step formally acknowledges your effort, success and marks the completion of your beautiful journey of knowledge.

I could not complete all the requirements of the course, even though I attended all/most of it, should I still register ?

Yes, you should surely register! We acknowledge and appreciate your hard work too! 

As per Graduation policies, students who could not meet the graduating requirements of the course but have been regular, demonstrated full effort and dedication, attempted all assessments and availed retest opportunities will receive a participation certificate. This certificate can be considered a sub-type of graduation certificate.

Read everything above? Submit fill out the form below:


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