REGISTER: All Applicants are required to register for I’tikaaf 2023, in order to receive the spot at Al Huda Institute Canada.

 AGE: The minimum age limit for participants is 18 years.

 CONSENT: Sister applicants are required to have consent from their Mahram.

 SPECIAL DIET: The Mu’takif is requested to bring/arrange “special diets”; if any, for themselves.

 MEDICAL: In case of any life threatening allergies, or constant use of maintenance medicines, Doctor’s prescription is required.

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ITEMS LIST (Recommended)


  • Sleeping Bag, blanket, pillow and cover
  • Cell phones
  • Necessary toiletries kit i.e. Tooth brush, tooth paste, or Miswak, soap, towel, deodorant, comb
  • Any required medications
  • non perishable, ‘healthy’ and ‘non odour causing snacks’, drinks, fruit cups, etc. (sealed)
  • ** It is advisable not to bring excess luggage to the Masjid

 NO VALUABLES: Please do not bring any valuables to I’tikaaf with you. Al Huda is not responsible for lost, stolen or damaged items.

 ELECTRONIC DEVICES: Please ensure you are not disturbing others around you.

  • Use of electronic devices (iPhone/iPad/etc) for your personal Ibadaah and educational needs during I’tikaaf is allowed
  • Use of headphones/air pods is recommended
  • Don’t forget to bring your device charger as well

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 USE YOUR TIME WISELY: Kindly utilize the maximum time for Qur’an recitation and praying.

 NO SOCIALIZING: All are advised to refrain from talking and socializing in the duration of I’tikaaf.


  • Cell phones can be used during the day in case of emergencies only
  • Preferred time to make personal phone calls is ideally between Maghrib & Isha
  • When turned on, cell phones must be on vibration only

 SHARING SPACE: Due to weekend classes, some activity is expected in the mosque.

 SLEEPING BAGS: Participants are requested to wrap their sleeping bags up and put aside by 10:30 am daily.

 SUHOOR: Al Huda Institute will be providing the basic everyday Suhoor and Iftaar free of charge, however, contribution towards Suhoor/Iftaar is welcome.

 INDEMNIFICATION / WAIVER OF CLAIMS: Al Huda Institute and its officers, employees and staff shall not be liable for, and the Mu’takif hereby releases all claims for, damage to or loss of personal property sustained by Mu’takif or any person claiming through Mu’takif resulting from any fire, accident, occurrence, theft in or upon the allocated spot or building of which they shall be a part, or of adjoining or contiguous property of buildings, provided same are not due to negligence of the Institute, its agents or employees.

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Important Notes

 SUBMISSION START DATE: Registration will open on Wednesday, March 1st, 2023. in sha Allah 

 SUBMISSION END DATE: Last date to submit the registration is Wednesday, March 15th, 2023. Form shall be closed after this date. 

 REGISTRATION: Applicants will be notified that Al Huda has received your form and also will be informed regarding their spot accordingly.

 ONCE SELECTED: The selected applicants will be informed about next steps and dates, including an important I’tikaaf Orientation session.

 CHECK EMAIL: Kindly check your email regularly for spot allotment and further instructions.

 WAITING LIST: When all spots are filled, all remaining applicants will be placed on waiting list. If any spot becomes available, the next applicant on the waiting list shall be offered the spot.

 PRIVACY: Sisters shall be allotted their own spots, however ‘private cubicles’ are not available.

 SPOT GUARANTEE: This is a pre-registration form.

Please note that the submission of this form does not guarantee a spot. The applicants will be informed accordingly via email.

Your spot will be offered to the next applicant if:

  • There is ‘no response’ within 7 days of the email instruction.
  • There is ‘no show’ at the Orientation session and/or on the advised time of beginning I’tikaaf.

Note: If you have any Questions or concerns, kindly email

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Itikaaf Registrations have now been closed.

Applicants who have submitted the form shall be communicated accordingly sha Allah. 


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