We’re in the final stretch of Ramadan!

Aisha (R) reported “The Prophet (S) used to exert himself in devotion during the last ten nights to a greater extent than at any other time.” [Sahih Muslim]

Every act of Ibadah, every kind word spoken, any amount charity given with sincerity will have a greater reward.


Automate your donations for the last Ashrah of Ramadan to maximize your reward!

Follow the 2 step process:
1. Enter the amount you want to give daily.
2. Enter your information, say Bismillah and click Donate.

Countdown:     2     Day(s) still left to give your donations!



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Have any questions regarding your donations? Check the FAQs below.

Can I get a donation receipt if I send a cheque or give cash to Al Huda?

A receipt is only available upon request. Please provide your full name and email along with your donation if you’d like us to send you a receipt. Our finance department will email it to you within a week’s time.

Can I give my Zakat to Al Huda Institute?

Yes, our campaign is Zakat eligible and funds will be used in compliance with Zakat spending policy.

Can I donate to the Hifz program specifically?

This year’s campaign includes all the programs and courses expenses under its umbrella. You can donate the amount that you intend to give to Hifz program and send us an email separately after donation is processed. We will make sure your sadaqah gets allocated to the Hifz program.

Can I donate via foreign currency as cash?

Due to lockdown restrictions, there’s currently no drop off option unless it’s arranged. If you’d like to make drop off arrangements, please email info@alhudainstitute.ca. We advise that you get the currency exchanged at your bank before dropping off any cash donation.

Do you accept jewelry as a form of donation?

Yes, we do accept jewelry as donation. If you’d like to donate your jewelry, please make arrangements by emailing us at info@alhudainstute.ca. You can either to drop off at Al Huda at advised timings or we make arrangements for a pick up.

Is there any other way I can donate?

If you’d like to make alternative donation arrangements, please email info@alhudainstitute.ca.



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