Dars e Qur’an Para 30 -test

Have you ever wanted to make a lifelong connection with the Book of Allah (SWT) but you struggle to find the time? Al Huda Institute is offering a women’s only Dars e Quran Program in Urdu that is specifically designed to cater to ladies who do not have the time to commit to lengthy classes. The content is delivered in a manner that will benefit students who are new to Qur’anic studies, as well as for those who have some prior knowledge..

Classes will be held on Fridays

  • Starting September 25, 2020
  • Timing: 7:00 pm – 8:30 pm
  • The program is completely FREE!

Here’s what to expect

  • Memorization: Class will begin with a 20-minute session of memorization of select Du’as
  • Tafseer: Remainder of the class will focus on understanding the Qur’an
  • Online: Classes will be conducted online via Skype during Covid, and on-site once the Pandemic restrictions are lifted

Spread the word to family and friends and get linked into the chain of Sadaqah Jariah.  For more information or to register click on the button below