Dhul Hijjah Food Challenge Final Results!

Ma sha’ Allah, by His grace Al Huda was able to collect 4.5 thousand food items during this 3rd #DhulHijjahFC, a whopping increase of 62% from last year! Jazakum Allahu khayran, everyone, for caring so much and helping our hungry neighbours.

Congratulations to the Outreach Venues who seriously led this event. Being first-time participants did not deter them from winning the Challenge, with Etobicoke in 3rd place, Milton in 2nd place, and Scarborough ranking 1st across the organization, ma sha’ Allah!

A special thank you to the Challenge Leads, who led their classes throughout the DHFC, and worked with the Serving Humanity team to log in their results.

Together as a team of Al Huda staff and onsite and online students, we have set the bar high for ourselves, so let us use this as an opportunity to make a habit of helping the vulnerable, and increasing our ranks in the sight of Al-Karim, the Generous.

DHFC 2015 Final Results