August – Month of Giving!

 There are people in the community who do not have enough food to eat a proper morning meal or breakfast. In Mississauga alone, 17% of the population lives in poverty (Mississauga Food Bank).

August – Month of Giving! was started for the reason of giving food to others in need and contributing towards the development of the community. The simple process involves packing staple food items for shelters and food programmes across the Greater Toronto Area. Our first collection was a success with 702 lbs of food delivered to Ernestine Women’s Shelter.The types of items needed to create the staple food packages are:
Baby Food

Contribute in any capacity you are able.

Drop off food items in the Food Bank bins at:

5671 McAdam Rd., Mississauga, ON. L4Z 1N9.

For more questions, contact 905-366-1099.1.