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Assalamu alayum wa RahmatuAllah

Dear Sister

Would you like to join hands in an organized ‘Care Network’ to participate in little acts of kindness’ to support our Al Huda Community as per need ?

Caring for our own should come naturally! 

The idea is to extend a helping hand, a ride, a meal or sometimes spare some time to offer good advice and kind words. And since charity begins at home, we want to start with sisters of Al-Huda Community when facing personal/family life challenges.

This will be a private initiative, where Al-Huda alumni, staff and students can share their time, energies and goodwill gestures to strengthen and support each other where needed.

To do this efficiently and effectively, we need to see where you live and how you would like to help, when needed.

We would like to begin by providing food support where needed.  Our staff and students who are either sick, had a baby or travelled recently are few situations where we could lend a helping hand.

In order to serve our community more effectively, we have divided the city of Mississauga in seven major areas. We are looking for members in each of these area who could either:

  • Cook food
  • Deliver it
  • Contribute in it

Members in each area will report to their lead and will communicate via whatsapp group. The leads will stay in touch with the main admin group to ensure efficient communication and smooth service.

While this is a great work of khayr, we have to make sure we adhere to our organization’s and country’s laws and regulations at all times to work in a safe environment. Area members will be informed of the protocols by their respective leads insha Allah.

May Allah swt bless our efforts and accept from us. And may He enable us to be a source of peace and goodness for our beloved sisters in Deen. Ameen.







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