August 19, 2019  -To-  December 2020

Monday – Friday, 9:00 am – 3:15 pm

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Learn Qur’an, the word of God, in its Arabic text, to enhance your mental, spiritual and emotional well-being and better serve humanity.


* About this Course

This foundational course will provide students with a comprehensive understanding of the Qur’an through Word Analysis and subjects such as Arabic Grammar, Seerah (Prophetic Biography), Tafseer (Exegesis), Qur’anic and Hadith Sciences, as well as various topics in Fiqh (Islamic Jurisprudence). By the end of this course, students will be able to:

• Understand the Qur’an directly in Arabic

• Appreciate the beauty of Qur’anic Arabic through

an in-depth study of its words

• Learn the Tafseer (explanation) of the Qur’an

• Improve Qur’anic recitation through application of Tajweed rules

• Extract Lessons from the lives of the Prophet (S.A.W) and his companions

• Gain a deeper understanding of 5 pillars of Islam

• Perform Ibadah in its true spirit with love

• Develop the art of constructive reflection

• Nurture the necessary life skills for effective

time, anger and stress management

• Cultivate better Arabic writing skills

• Find the motivation to serve humanity


* Ways to take this course

On Campus

You will experience the classroom setting, teacher-student interactions and work together with other students who share the same intentions, goals and objectives as you do. You will also have the opportunity to be able to share ideas and learn in a group setting.


This option is accessible to everyone, whether you are male or female, living near or far. Taking the course online allows you to attend class at its designated time alongside other online peers from the comfort of your home.


* Course Staff

Our instructors are all advanced students of Dr. Farhat Hashmi. Through extended study, instructors have developed a sense of understanding and appreciation for the Words of Allah and as such have taken on the responsibility of passing that knowledge on. They have dedicated numerous hours of obtaining knowledge and have now made it their life goal to impart this knowledge. Approachable and friendly, our teachers yearn for the success of their students. Their enthusiasm and patience are key driving elements that enable students to fully immerse in the Words of Allah.


* Prerequisites

  • Women aged 15 and above; must have fluency in the English language and Arabic recitation
  • Students must also have a personal interest to learn and understand the Qur’an.
  • Once registered into the course, a student’s acceptance is conditional on passing the first three translation and tafsir tests. The passing grade is 80%.

Frequently Asked Questions




I want to join this course but I live outside Canada. Can I sign up?
Students from any part of the world are welcome to join us on campus or online. Students are responsible to make arrangements for their study visa and other travel legalities. Al Huda does not facilitate visa or accommodation arrangements.
I am a student from abroad and I would like to study at Al Huda Institute on campus. What steps do I need to take in order to register for the course?
1) Sign up for the class on MyAlHuda

2) You will be contacted via email for a skype interview and other necessary documents.

3) Once you are approved as a student of the course, you will be sent an admission letter. You can then check the Canada government website for information about student applications to Canada listed here: http://www.cic.gc.ca/english/study/index.asp

*Please note, obtaining a visa to study/stay in Canada during the duration of the course is the responsibility of the student. Al Huda Institute cannot provide any help or advice in regards to immigration related matter.

Can I join this course just to listen in, as opposed to being a student?
Yes, If you would like to be a full-time registered listener on site, the fee is 50% of the regular tuition fee. Payable on site only.
I heard about the course late, can I still join? How will I make up for missed lessons?
Yes, late admissions are accepted upon meeting course pre-requisites.

You are not required to make up for the missed lessons, however in order to obtain a diploma in Taleem al Qur’an, you must make up for the missed subject lessons & evaluations when the next Taleem al Qur’an course begins. Please discuss with the Course Coordinator for more information.

Is there an age limit to joining the course?
Students must be at least 15 years old, the is no maximum age limit. However, there are different courses which cater more specifically to different age groups.
My daughter/sister/niece is very brilliant and has done many short Islamic courses, but is below the age limit, can she still apply?
Please discuss with the Course Coordinator for more information.



What language is the course offered in?
English. Other courses in Urdu are also available.
Is there Hifz component to the course?
There is no required memorization of surahs in this course. However, we do offer Hifz Program at the Institute.
I already have a background of Islamic education/diploma/certificate. Can I skip other subjects and learn only the Qur'an translation
No, our Diploma programs enrolment requires that a student complete all required subject tests and evaluation.
What are the subjects taught in this course?
The following subjects are included in the program:

  • QUR 100 Al-Qur’an – Recitation and Tajweed
  • QUR 101 Al-Qur’an – Translation and Tafsir [Exegesis of the Qur’an]
  • QUR 102 Uloom al-Qur’an [Qur’anic Sciences]
  • HAD 103 Al-Hadith al-Nabawi [Prophetic Traditions]
  • HST 105 Al-Seerah al-Nabawiyyah [Biography of the Prophet]
  • HST 106 Heroes of Islam
  • FQH 107 Fiqh of Taharah
  • FQH 108 Fiqh of Saum
  • FQH 109 Fiqh of Salaah
  • FQH 110 Fiqh of Zakah
  • FQH 111 Fiqh of Hajj
  • FQH 112 Fiqh of Life and Death
  • AQD 113 ‘Aqeedah [Islamic Theology]
  • ADB 114 Aadaab and Akhlaaq [Islamic Ethics and Development of Character]
  • ARG 116 Qur’anic Grammar
  • CAL 117 Arabic Writing
  • LMS 118 Life Management Skills
  • DUA 120 Du’as

* Please note the curriculum is subject to change

Are there any male instructors in this course?
We often have male scholars visit the institute to give a lecture on different topics. It is a possibility to have a male instructor teaching a particular subject as part of the TQE curriculum.



When does the course begin?

The course begins on  August 19th, 2019

How long is the course and what are the timings?

Course Duration: August 19th 2019 – December 2020 (3 Terms)

Timings: Monday – Friday  |   9:00am – 3:15pm E.S.T. 

Is there a specified time each day for course instruction or can a student work at their own pace?

The class is scheduled to happen Monday to Friday, 9:00 am – 3:15 pm.

Unfortunately this is not a program designed for someone to take at their own pace.

Due to major time differences in some parts of the worlds, will the class recording be replayed at a different time?

Recordings may be provided to students whose time zones vary widely from class timings.

Please contact the Course Coordinator for more details.



What is the tuition fee of the course?

$200 per month. No extra registration fee.

How can I pay my fees?

All Monthly Payment will be collected on campus.

Tuition fee will be due First Week of each month.

Accepted forms of payment via Cash, Debit card  or setup of Pre-authorization.

Fee Window Hours of operation:
– Tuesday & Thursday 9:00 am – 3:00 pm or
– Saturday – Sunday 10:00 am – 1:30 pm

If there are any exception, please bring them to the Course Coordinator’s attention.

I cannot afford to pay the fees, can I still do the course?

Financial support is approved only after a certain probation period in which student’s Academic performance and commitment are taken into account. Further inquiries to be discussed with the Course Coordinator in person.



What is the minimum percentage of attendance required in order to receive the diploma?
Do we get holidays for special occasions such as Eid?
Yes. Alhamdulillah. Complete list of holidays can be available from the Course Coordinator.
Can I take a few weeks off for pregnancy/delivery/wedding?
Yes, however, it is upon the student to make up for missed notes/test/assignments. A leave of absence note should be submitted to the Course Coordinator ahead of time.
I have work/school commitments from 3:00 pm due to which I have to leave early, will I be allowed to leave the class early, or drop in late as a routine?
No. Missing lessons regularly as a routine will negatively impact learning and understanding.



Are there tests or exams? If so, are they written or oral?
Yes, there are different tests and assignments for different subjects. The test may be written or oral depending on the subject i.e. Tajweed has both an oral test as well as a written one.
Is there active participation required in the course i.e., do I have to interact with instructors/students?
Yes, each student whether on-site or online will be assigned a group. Students will do their lessons and write their tests in that group. Instructors will listen to students’ Tajweed, ask questions pertaining to their daily Tafsir lesson, and conduct various different activities related to the course material.



In order to obtain the diploma, am I required to complete all the subjects?
Yes, the student must successfully complete all the required subjects’ tests and assignments with a passing grade in order to obtain a diploma.
Will the diploma of this course be recognized by other Islamic schools to enable me to become a teacher or use the credits of this course anywhere?
At this point we cannot guarantee the diploma will be recognized by other Institutions.



Is the online version of the course completely online or is there some physical attendance required?

The class is completely online and physical attendance is not required. Online Students’ attendance is taken online daily. Click Here for Online Course Information and Form. Online Course Coordinator’s Email: tqe9.online@alhudainstitute.ca



Are living accommodations made available?
Yes accommodations are made available for applicants 18 years and above by staff members and other Muslim sisters, however Alhuda Institute does not have any affiliation with the accommodations as they are offered privately.

For more information, please contact the Course Coordinator.

Is there any facility for babies and toddlers?
Yes, there is proper on campus facility only available for registered student mothers. Nominal charges apply.
I have a physical condition, which prevents me from prolonged sitting, can I still join? Will there be special accommodation for my condition?
We make every effort to accommodate student needs. Please bring up your specific concern to the Course Coordinator for further discussion.



Will I be able to continue my university/school along with this course?

It is generally difficult to continue University/school simultaneously with the course as it is a full time intensive course.

Is transport facility provided for all students? If yes, what are the charges?

An official transport facility is not provided for all students. However, car pooling is encouraged. Students who need a ride to and from the institute may contact the reception to arrange for a ride from their area of residence.

Do I need to spend time studying outside of class hours?

Yes, Taleem al Qur’an has ongoing tests scheduled frequently, hence students must be prepared to dedicate few hours every weekend to accomplish good results. Homework is assigned in this course as in any other educational program

Is there a student uniform?

Yes. For TQE students, a black abaya (or a black skirt and a loose black top) and a white headscarf. Headscarves are available to purchase at the bookstore.

How can I contact the Course Coordinator?



Major Subjects


  • QUR 100 Al-Qur’an – Recitation and Tajweed
  • QUR 101 Al-Qur’an – Translation and Tafsir [Exegesis of the Qur’an]
  • QUR 102 Uloom al-Qur’an [Qur’anic Sciences]
  • HAD 103 Al-Hadith al-Nabawi [Prophetic Traditions]
  • HST 105 Al-Seerah al-Nabawiyyah [Biography of the Prophet]
  • HST 106 Heroes of Islam
  • FQH 107 Fiqh of Taharah
  • FQH 108 Fiqh of Saum
  • FQH 109 Fiqh of Salaah
  • FQH 110 Fiqh of Zakah
  • FQH 111 Fiqh of Hajj
  • FQH 112 Fiqh of Life and Death
  • AQD 113 ‘Aqeedah [Islamic Theology]
  • ADB 114 Aadaab and Akhlaaq [Islamic Ethics and Development of Character]
  • ARG 116 Qur’anic Grammar
  • CAL 117 Arabic Writing
  • LMS 118 Life Management Skills
  • DUA 120 Du’as
  • RLG 115 Introduction to Religions

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