Term 1: Student testimonials

Taleem al Tajweed – Term 1

Registration is now closed!

Beginner Level Tajweed Course featuring:

  • Learning Basic Etiquettes of Recitation of the Quran
  • Understanding the origin and characteristics of the Letters of the Quran.
  • Knowledge of common mistakes in pronunciation of the Letters.
  • Foundational Rules of Sciences of Tajweed.
  • Extended Practice (on Qaida and Quran) with a qualified teacher.
  • Learning to give the due right of each and every letter of the Quran
  • Live Tarbiyah Sessions with Ustazah Dr. Farhat Hashmi.
Taught In English by: Sr. Ambreen Tajammul
Duration: Sept 11th, 2018 – Dec 2018 
3 days in a week only! 
Timing: 9:00 am – 1:15 pm 
For: Sisters only (ages 13+)
>> Two more levels to follow ….
No Registration fee!
Tuition fee for Term 1: $100.00 per month 
Payable first week of each month (Sep,Oct,Nov,Dec)
Accepted forms of payment via Cash, Debit card or Cheque.
For queries, please email: info@alhudainstitute.ca

Detailed outline of the Course:

  • The course is divided into 3 levels- Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced.
  • Each level is a term of approximately 4 months.
  • Pre-assessment (written and oral) will be done to determine the required level.
  • The content of each level is mainly based on the 3 books of “Tajweed Rules of the Qur’an” by Kareema Carol Czerepinski.

Ways to take the course

On Campus Only

Classes are offered on campus only in order to:

  • Guarantee experience of barakah and blessings of learning together in a classroom setting.
  • Provide the one on one teacher-student interaction that will help enhance the reading skills.
  • Give continued motivation by working together with other students who share the same intentions, goals and objectives.

Course Staff

This course is taught by Sr.Ambreen Tajammul


  • A female of age 13 or above
  • Able to understand instructions in English.
  • Able to recognize the letters of the Arabic Language along with basic symbols used in the Quran.


I do not meet the prerequisites of this course. Do you offer any other courses where I can learn the Qur’an?

Yes, Alhumdulillah. Please click here for details on other Onsite & Online courses offered at Al Huda Institute.

I want to join this course but I am living outside Canada. What is the procedure to join this course?

This is a course designed for local audiences. AlHuda Online offers some courses where young boys and young men are also accepted. Please visit www.alhudaus.com.

For any other long-term courses also, Al Huda does not facilitate visa/residence arrangements.

I heard about the course late, can I still join? How will I cover the missed lessons?

Late admissions acceptance will be upon the discretion of the teacher depending on the duration of lateness and class logistics.

Are there any age limits?
  • Sisters 13+


Who is this course for?

You can be anyone of the following to attend the course

  • One who is motivated to learn and improve one’s own recitation of the Quran.
  • One who has the love and passion to read the Qura’n like our beloved Prophet Muhamad (SAW)
  • One who has finished multiple Quran readings without knowing that tajweed is actually something that exists.
  • One who has heard about Tajweed a lot but feels intimidated by its complexity.
  • One who has finished Taleem al Qura’n but feels lacking in correct recitation of the Quran.
  • One who has finished Taleem al Qura’n along with gaining knowledge of the basics of tajweed but now feels rusty and needs revision of concepts.
  • One who wants to progress and commit oneself in the field of Science of Tajweed to become a qualified teacher and be among those about whom Rasool Allah said, “The best among you are those who learn the Qura’n and teach it too”.
What language is the course offered in?


Is there Hifz also in this course?


Do I receive a certificate at the end of this course?

To be advised later!


How do I register?

The registrations are to be done Online only !!!

Monthly Fee: $100
No Registration Fee!!

Fee payment at the Fee window only!!

Accepted forms of payment via Cash, Debit card or Cheque.


When are we supposed to register by?

Ideally, registration should be completed as early as possible.

What to Expect As a registered student?

As a registered student you will be required:

  • To maintain 80% of in class attendance.
  • To attend daily groups to read and receive feedback from the teacher.
  • To give monthly assessments (written + oral) of on-going learning.
  • To take the final evaluation (written + oral) to move to the next level.
What happens if the student enrolls after the registration due date has passed? How will I cover the missed lesson?

You may come and speak to the teacher in person and will be guided.


When does the course begin?

The course begins on Tuesday, September 11th 2018, Inn sha Allah.

What is the complete duration of the course?

Complete course duration: 10 Months (Sep 2018 – June 2019) course divided into 3 terms (4 months each)

Taleem at Tajweed – Level 1- Duration: 4 months only!

Starting date: 16th September, 2018

Completion date: December 2018

What are the class timings?

9:00 am – 1:15 pm

Every Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday

Changing Salah times will be built within the timetable to ensure all students and team members pray in congregation according to Al Huda Masjid schedules.


What is the tuition fee of the course?

Term 1: Tuition Fee $ 100.00 per month!

Payable first week of each Month (Sep, Oct, Nov & Dec).

Accepted forms of payment via Cash, Debit card or Cheque.

All Monthly Payment will be collected on campus (AlHuda Institute – 5671 McAdam Road) at the Fee Window.

Fee Window Hours of operation:

– Tuesday & Thursday 9:00 am – 3:00 pm


– Saturday – Sunday 10:00 am – 1:30 pm

How can I pay my fees? Cash /Debit/cheque?

~ Accepted forms of payment via Cash, Debit card or Cheque.

~*~ Tuition fee will be due First Week of each month.

I cannot pay the fees, can I still do the course?

Anyone with financial challenges can apply for financial assistance. Please speak to the teacher for further information or send an e-mail:


What books are we required to have?

Course have required books that will need to be purchased from the AlHuda Book store.


What is the required % of attendance?

Minimum 80% attendance is required for the certificate.


Are there any evaluations?

Yes, There will be monthly assessments (written + oral) and final evaluation (written + oral) to move to the next level.


Is there any service at the Institute I can volunteer for?

Yes, the Institute is always in need of committed, energetic and modest volunteers for a variety of events and setup needs. If you are able to dedicate a few hours every week, please fill up the volunteer form.

Will I be able to get any reference letter if I do any volunteer services there?

Yes, students can get their volunteer hours mentioned with their reference letter.


I have a physical condition which prevents me from sitting over an hour, can I still join? Will there be special accommodation for my condition?

This can be discussed with your teacher as per need or send an e-mail: info@alhudainstitute.ca to inquire about.

Are there any extra hours I'll need to spend studying over the week?

Yes, this course will have its weekly learning requirements and assessments, hence students must be prepared to dedicate few hours every week to accomplish good results. Homework is assigned in this course as in any other educational program.


Please contact us using the information below if you have any questions, suggestions, or issues about the course. If you have any general questions, please read over our FAQ below, and contact us if you still need help.

Email: info@alhudainstitute.ca

Phone: 905-624-2030

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