Al Huda Weekend School

[AHWS 2020-21]

Fostering a positive Muslim identity in the light of Qur’an and Sunnah!

Al Huda Weekend School is restarting Sat, September 19, 2020!

As the summer comes to an end, it’s time for children to go back to school. AHWS is now OPEN for registration for the year starting: September 19 2020 – June 2021

Class timings are 10:00 am – 1:30 pm (subject to change due to COVID-19)

🌠Important Information and Updates:

  • All classes will be conducted online via Zoom for the first semester
  • Youth Boys classes will be held online indefinitely
  • All updates will be communicated via email

For more information scroll below.

Providing Knowledge and Spirituality towards Good Character Development through Quran and Sunnah!

Al Huda Weekend School (AHWS) started in 2005 to help educate children as their mothers undertook their own religious studies on the weekend. Over the years, with increasing demand for children centric Islamic education on the weekends, AHWS formalized into a full-time weekend school with classes for girls and boys ages 5-15, and separate programs for girls ages 12-16 years.

The goal of this program

  • Is to shape our students into caring, respectful and humble servants of our Creator.
  • For younger children is to create a clear understanding and recognition of our Rabb; who is our Rabb and why we worship Him
  • For the older children is to highlight the ways in which we can worship our Rabb in accordance with the Quran and Sunnah

Some of the subjects we teach are Quran recitation, Islamic studies, Hadith, Tafseer for older levels, as well as other subjects throughout the year (i.e. Ramadan, Taharah etc.).

Besides helping children grow spiritually, AHWS students also participate in arts and crafts activities as well as learning through workshops.

We also have annual fun activities like picnic and bake sale.

As a whole, the goal of AHWS is to create love and understanding of our beautiful religion and our Creator. We hope to elevate the aklaaqh of our students with Islam’s golden values of equality, brotherhood, and mutual well-wishing.

This means we offer learning opportunities to all, regardless of ethnicity or race

Let’s help our children and youth understand and practice the beautiful traits to grow in!

What to Expect

  • Develop love and care for our deen by understanding its fundamentals and values.
  • Care and concern for humanity.
  • Built in the best Akhlaq by learning and following the Sunnah of Prophet (s.a.w)
  • Being responsible in matters of Deen and Dunya

Dont miss this chance to enroll as there are limited spots only!

Program Details

Prerequisite: a learning attitude, basic ability to recite Qur’an and English note taking, ability to focus and a thirst for knowledge!

Duration: 19th September 2020 – June 2021

Class Timings: Weekends, 10:00 am – 1:30 pm (subject to change due to COVID-19)

  • Both Saturday & Sunday (2 days): for Girls & Boys, Ages 5-10 years
  • Saturday (1 day): for Youth Girls Ages 12-16 years
  • Sunday (1 day)***: for Youth Boys Ages 11-16 years

          *** Youth Boys classes will be held online indefinitely

Term wise Distribution

  • Term 1: September 2020 – December 2020
  • Term 2: January 2021 – March 2021
  • Term 3: April 2021 – June 2021

Fees(Please note: Tuition rates are subject to change at any time)

  • Both Saturday & Sunday (2 days) – $150 per term* (1 term = 3 months)
  • Saturday OR Sunday (1 day) – $100 per term* (1 term = 3 months)

For more information email,

Please note: AHWS will be operating online via ZOOM for the first semester

Program choice for two or one day of the weekend

  • Girls and Boys | Ages 5-10 years: enrolled to a two-day weekend program (both Saturday & Sunday)
  • Youth Girls | Ages 12-16 years: enrolled to a one-day weekend program (Saturday only)
  • Youth Boys | Ages 11-16 years: also accepted in the program (Sunday only)

Age specific level divisions

  • Level 1: Girls and Boys, Ages 5 – 6 years
  • Level 2: Girls and Boys, Ages 6 – 7 years
  • Level 3: Girls and Boys, Ages 7 – 8 years
  • Level 4: Girls and Boys, Ages 8 – 9 years
  • Level 5: Girls and Boys, Ages 9 – 10 years
  • Level 6: Girls, Ages 10 – 12 years
  • Youth: Girls only, Ages 12 – 16 years
  • Youth: Boys only, Ages 11 – 16 years

New Students Registration

In order to secure your child’s spot in the program, please follow these steps: 

  • Complete the Online Registration form according to your child’s age/level (see form link below).
  • Please await email, you will receive regarding parent-student interview with the Program Coordinator.

All Admissions correspondence will be done through e-mail:

  • Official email for the program is:
  • Phone and/or in-person conversations with Al Huda Institute Staff do not constitute as official Admissions information.
  • Only e-mail from AHWS Administration is accepted as official correspondence regarding Admissions.

Please be advised:

  • Just filling out the registration form online does NOT confirm your children’s registration. Registration will only be confirmed once term 1 fees have been paid.
  • Registrations will be processed on a first-come first-served basis. Students will be registered in each level until the capacity for that level is met. 
  • Once the maximum capacity of registrations for a certain level has been met, fees will no longer be accepted for other students in that level, even if those students have filled out the registration form online.
  • Kindly note, all fees and dues must be cleared before the appropriate due dates, prior to start of new term. The school retains the right to cancel the admission based on unpaid dues or incomplete applications.
  • Fee will be collected online via eTransfer.
  • After observation of students during the first few classes, AHWS staff has the right to cancel or revisit the admission decision to any child deem ineligible. Eligibility is decided on three factors:
    • Academic Performance
    • Class Behavior
    • Class Attendance

Please note that the registration for September 2021 session shall open soon in sha Allah.



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