Al Huda Institute is operating virtually in the CoVID duration! We are closed to all visitors, staff and students. All courses are continuing through Online platforms. Masjid is closed. More details …

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Did your good deeds end?

Ramadan ended, have our good deeds ended as well?  Join us on a journey towards maintaining the good deeds and habits we built during Ramadan in our new program.   In this unique program we will have a daily challenge (a to-do list) to complete along with weekly...

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Taleem al Hadith Course – Urdu

* Do you want to feel seeing the glimpses of how the Wahy started ?    * Do you want to escalate in your knowledge about ‘Ilm and Imaan ?    * Are you keen to make every aspect of your Salah like the Prophetﷺ ?    Let’s study Sahih Bukhari-the second most important...

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Tazkir Al Quran Series – Urdu (Part time)

Introducing a new Tazkir Al Qur'an Series Part-time Urdu course  Gain the understanding of the two illuminating Surahs of the Qur'an Al Baqarah & Aali Imran    Prophet (ﷺ) said: "Recite the two brightly illuminated chapters...for on the Day of Resurrection they...

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