Al Huda Institute is a non-profit, Islamic Education organization committed to teaching authentic knowledge from the Qur’an and Sunnah, and promoting the message of peace. Our goal is to make Islamic Education accessible to everyone in spite of their race, background, and/or financial status. We thank you for becoming a part of the Al Huda community. Kindly take a moment to review our terms of use for any questions you may have.


Privacy Policy:

Since our priority is to ensure that users’ privacy is maintained, no personal data that you provide is ever shared with a third party, except for the purpose of communicating with you regarding current and/or upcoming events, courses, opportunities of involvement, via one or more of the following platforms:

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Liability Waiver:

 Al Huda does not support or promote extremism in any shape or form. While we do our due diligence by collecting relevant information from each registered student only, it’s every student’s individual responsibility to provide true and accurate information when signing up as a registered student for any of our programs. We assume no responsibility for any of our students affiliations with any religious groups that are politically motivated, inclined to terrorist activities and/or practice extremism under the banner of Islam.

Terms Of Use

Students rights and responsibilities:

Our various programs are conducted either on-site at our Mississauga location or Distance Learning locations, or online live or via recordings through one or more of the avenues listed below:

Our programs are available to listeners all over the world for free of charge, or to students who register to learn from our programs.

On-site Students are responsible for adhering to proper etiquettes of maintaining decorum by:

  • Showing appropriate respect for the position of the masjid and an educational institute
  • Ensuring that they’re dressed appropriately and ready to learn
  • Not causing any harm to the place of worship by vandalizing its property 
  • Keeping the site clean and free of filth
  • Not disturbing anyone who comes to worship or to gain knowledge

On-line Students are responsible for: 

  • Using their personal tools/technology to access class from their location
  • Maintaining discipline and appropriate etiquettes while attending live classes as requested by teachers and/or course coordinators
  • Studying at a regular pace to learn course content and complete required assessments by assigned deadlines

Right to Use Content:

As a free online user, you have unlimited access to listening and benefitting from our online content. As a registered student however, you are granted limited access to listen and/or watch any of our content. At no point in time, as a free or a registered student, you may share your individual login with others, record, copy, download, republish, distribute, sell or prepare any derivative of the work taught in class, or are available on our online learning portal website(s), except for the purpose of learning for yourself where either of the mentioned is permitted.     

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