Student De-Registration and Status Change Request Form

Not applicable for TQE-11

Considering De-registration OR Status Change?  

At Al-Huda, our utmost effort is to help, support and facilitate the journey of a Qur’an student as best as we possibly can. 

If you are considering de-registration i.e. ‘enrolment cancellation’, please re-think:

  • Is your reason really strong enough to leave your journey to Allah and success in the hereafter?
  • Have you discussed your issue with your Teaching Assistant or Course Coordinator? 
  • Have they offered any facilitation or accommodation?
  • If you cannot afford the fee due to a growing financial hardship, have you inquired about Financial Assistance available for students?

If you have truly exhausted all options offered to you to stay connected to the course, then we can let you discontinue, with parting du’as and will wait for you in another course. 

Please read carefully the relevant policies and fill out the form provided:

De-Registration Policy:

  • Request for De-Registration [cancellation of enrolment] must be sent in by the 25th of a month in order to stop future payments.
  • Tuition Fee, once processed for a new month, is non-refundable. 
  • Students will be responsible for Non-Sufficient Fund [NSF] charges incurred by the Institute from the bank.
  • Students owing more than one month’s fee due to NSF must clear out all outstanding dues before de-registration.
  • Portal access will be deactivated soon after the request is received.

Status Change Policy:

  • Status Change within the course, from Regular student to FTO or vice versa is acceptable but not guaranteed. It may only be accommodated if the course team is able to. 
  • Status Change should only be requested for inevitable reasons, and not just as a change of mind.
  • It can be accommodated only once in a year, and should not be for a temporary duration.



Please make sure to have your Course Coordinator (CC) Email, as you would need that to submit this form.

You can contact your CC or TA to get this confirmed email for your course.

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