April 2016 Newsletter

Junior Program Newsletter- April 2016


April was a month filled with the remnants of Winter (SubhanAllah!) as well as us, finally feeling the beginning of Spring (Alhumdullilah!). For this reason, towards the end of the month our nature walks started outside where we could observe some new flowers growing and fresh leaves growing back on trees! In honor of the new season, we also learned a new song;

I plant a seed in the cold, cold ground,

Out comes the yellow sun, big and round,

Down come the raindrops, soft and slow,

Out comes the flower, grow, grow, grow!

This is performed through actions with the children pretending to plant the seed, spreading their arms out to make a sun, and using their fingers demonstrating the rain falling down. At the end, they use their hands as sprouting flowers! Feel free to ask your child to teach it to you!

Another new song we learned was “I’m Bringing Home a Baby Bumblebee”. This is another action filled and imaginative song with the children carrying their bumblebees in their hands. It goes a little something like this:

I’m bringing home a baby bumblebee,

Won’t my mommy be so proud of me! (repeat)

Ouch! It stung me!

I’m squishing up my baby bumblebee, (squishing motion with hands)

Won’t my mommy be so proud of me! (repeat)

Eww! It’s all over me!

I’m washing off my baby bumble, (washing hands motion)

Won’t my mommy be so proud of me! (repeat)

Look! All clean!

In Arabic circle, we learned the letter .

We also keep up with our nasheeds and read a few books in Arabic!



For the Preschoolers, April was a month of crafts, learning and exploring, as well as the addition to a few new books! We started the month off by making umbrellas with raindrops! These are displayed outside our room for all to take a look and enjoy! We also made our own bumblebees! We used an empty egg carton which was already cut. We painted it yellow and added black stripes. With a teacher’s help, we used a hole puncher to make holes on the side and added pipe cleaner wings! Lastly, we added some googly eyes and a smile!

Some new books that we read this month are Why Should We Share by Claire Llewellyn. This book teaches us the importance of sharing with friends and how playing can be even more fun with a bit of sharing. We also read Bears Sees Colors by Karma Wilson discussing all the new colors which we will be seeing in Spring! One of our silly books this month has been Goodnight Already! by Jory John and Benji Davies. This book is about a duck and bear who are neighbors. The Bear cannot wait to sleep while the Duck is wide awake and is attempting to make Bear feel the same. After we read the book, we talked about how the Bear was grumpy but Allah and the Prophet Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him) has taught us to be good to our neighbors. Our last new book for the month was Allah Gave Me Two Hands and Feet by Raana Bokhari. In this book we learned all the amazing things our hands and feet can do as we are blessed to have them! We learned that we should thank Allah for his gifts of hands and feet by saying “Alhumdullilah”.


The toddlers also welcomed spring in their classroom, which is reflected from the artwork present there. They made little caterpillars! They also made butterflies using the pipe cleaners, markers, and stickers. They read Ready for Spring by Marthe Jacelyn. The book explained all the things we need to get ready for spring such as rain boots and raincoats!

They also joined the preschoolers for English and French circle a few times every week. During French circle we are learning a new colors song! The song is called Le Pomme est Rouge or The Red Apple. The children have also been reading some French books called La famille and Petit Ours Brun; est un champion.


In the infant classroom, the children have been going outside as well! During playtime they are pushing the bikes and kicking the balls! They have also been working with the stacking cups.


  • Please continue to bring in wipes, tissues, and disinfectant wipes! JazakAllah khayr.
  • We will be having our graduation celebration on Friday, May 27th, 2016. Please stay tuned for details!

Picture Gallery:

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February 2016 Newsletter

February 2016 Newsletter



February was a month filled with crafts, coloring, and lots of fun indoor activities. We experimented with different craft tools such as using cars to paint and dipping our hands in paint for creating hand prints. In the gross motor department, we also got some new equipment such as beach and soccer balls. Our Arabic circle also continued with the learning of a new surah this month, which was Surah Al-Kawthar.


In the Preschool classroom we did many fun activities and crafts, which were a reflection of our themes. We started off with winter animals including the polar bear and the snow owl. We made our own polar bears by gluing cotton balls. For the snow owls, we made puppets using felt. The month progressed into us talking about families as Family Day Holiday was coming up. We discussed who was in our family, including parents and siblings. We read Moose by Robert Munch where Luke is trying to get rid of a moose in his backyard through the help of this parents and three sisters. We concluded our discussion on families by making Family Trees using hearts for the family members. We also added handprints as trees to give it a personal touch! The month concluded with some snow outside, thus we decided to talk about all the winter clothing needed for this weather. We read A Snowman for Little Bear by Trace Moroney, which tells us the story about Little Bear and her excitement for snow. However, before she can go outside and play, she needs to dress properly in order to brace the weather and build a snowman. From this story, we made our own decorative mittens using glitter! They are displayed outside the room for everyone to take a look!

We also read I Can Make Dua Anywhere by Yasmin Ibrahim and “I’m A Little Muslim” by Mannah Bakkar. In the former, we learned that we can make dua to Allah in any situation, time, or place. We learned the sleeping dua through reading this book. In the latter, we learned that we are all Muslims and we believe in Allah, the Quran, and His Messenger (pbuh). The book also discussed that we may have friends who are different and that is okay, but we have to remember that we are Muslims.

Other books we have been reading in the classroom are Pigeons Have Feelings Too by Mo Willilams, The 10 Little Rubber Ducks and Panda Bear Panda Bear, What Do You See? By Eric Carle.



The Toddlers also had a busy month exploring colors. They worked with blue, yellow, and green. The used blocks to discover yellow. They also used sponge and finger painting to get the sensory action going. A new book they read is called Bear Sees Colors by Kamra Wilson. They have also joined the Preschoolers for English Circle in the morning!

Sister Sumra also brings the toddlers for French Circle where we continued to leaern our colors and numbers. This month we also learned that “bye” is “au revoir”. Alhumdullilah for being blessed to learn another language!



In the Infant room the babies had an activity and growth filled month! The built towers with blocks. They also enjoyed their masjid-play time with the new balls…rolling and throwing them. Their nap times also gave them plenty of rest to enjoy the busy days ahead!



  • Please note that the latest pick-up time in the Juniors Program is 4:00 pm Monday to Thursday and 4:15 pm on Friday. Please have your child picked up by those times, jazakAllah khairan!
  • Please remember to bring in your supplies (wipes and tissues) on a monthly bases. Additionally, if each family can please bring in a box of disinfectant wipes, it would be much appreciated!
  • Also, if your child’s food needs to be warmed, please make sure to place it in a glass container as it is safer to microwave it that way.


March Announcements/Updates:

  • Our themes for March is going to be spring and the various emotions felt by us (i.e. our feelings). We will be discussing how the flowers bloom and leaves re-grow on trees! We will also be discussing our feelings and how to act when we are happy, angry, or sad.
  • In order to welcome the oncoming season of spring, we are having a “Happy Spring” party on Friday, March 11th with pizza and fruit!
  • March break is from March 14th to the 18th with the institute re-opening on Monday, March 21st, 2016. Insha’Allah have a good break!


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January 2016 Newsletter

Even though December was a short month, we packed it full of fun, activities, and learning! Winter was the topic of discussion and crafts throughout the Juniors’ Program! Boards were changed to reflect the winter theme! Feel free to walk in and enjoy them for yourselves! We ended the month with a performance by the Toddlers and Preschoolers where the Infants and Mommies were our audience! We sang an Arabic nasheed (Allah hu Rabbuna), A French song (Un éléphant qui se balançait), The 7 Continents Song, and “I’m A Little Snowman”.

The lyrics to the Snowman song are as follows (to the tune of “I’m A Little Teapot”):

I’m a little snowman,
Short and fat,
Here are my buttons,
Here is my hat.
When the sun is shining, I cannot play,
Because I just melt away.

In the Preschool room, we talked about hibernation this month! The kids learned that hibernation is when certain animals stay inside for winter and sleep. Examples of these animals are bats, bears, snakes, bees, and groundhogs. We also learned where each animal hibernates. Bears and bats hibernate in caves, bees in their hives, and snakes and groundhogs do so in the ground.

We also talked about the coming of winter as we are blessed to experience all four seasons, Alhamdullilah! We discussed some in-door activities in the winter such as reading, praying, keeping cozy by drinking hot chocolate (yum!), and helping around the house. Outdoor activities (when the weather allows) can be ice-skating, playing in the snow, and going for a walk.

In Arabic circle, we started reciting Surah Al-Fatiha. We continued with our nasheeds as well!

We ended the month by having a pizza party with hot chocolate, welcoming winter and appreciating the blessings we have! We painted snowflakes and added glitter for decorations. We put on a show for the infants and our Mommies. (Pictures in the gallery)

Winter was also the talk of the town in the Toddler classroom! We made our own snowmen to match our Winter board! We also painted acorns white to make them look like they had snow on them! Last but not least, we joined the Preschoolers in putting on a wonderful Winter show as well as celebrating with them!

The Infants have been busy bees! We made wonderful butterfly crafts which are displayed outside on our classroom door. We have been reading, crawling, napping, and learning!

-Another reminder to please bring in wipes and tissues!

-As the weather gets cold, we will not be going outside as much. However, when some days are less chilly than others, we might just take a quick stroll to get some fresh air, thus please make sure to have warm clothing for the children!

-Please make sure your child’s lunch is here by our lunch time if you are getting food from the cafeteria. Check your child’s classroom schedule to know the time they have lunch and please drop it off accordingly as it is difficult for the teacher to leave the room in order to find the parent.


November Newsletter


November was a busy month for the JP program! There were the French and Arabic Circles as well as different themes specific to the three different age groups. We also spent some time outside as we were blessed with amazing weather for this month, Alhamdullilah!


In the Preschool room, we introduced Transportation methods. The three modes of transportation which we concentrated on were Road, Water, and Air. Our school buses are displayed outside our room, followed by our sailboats, and soon to come the hot air balloons! We talked about how road transportation vehicles all have wheels, water transportation vehicles use water and air transportation vehicles fly in the sky! Our song for this month was the “Wheels on the Bus Go Round and Round”.

We also went over the numbers 7, 8, and 9 and the sounds “p”, “t” and “r”. We learned about different shapes such as our standard square, circle, and triangle; but also diamond, rectangle, oval, and pentagon! Our French circle also continued this month with Sister Sumra and the toddlers. We sang the the Elephants song known as “un elephant qui se balancait”. From this song, we learned the numbers in French from 1 to 10 (scroll down for pictures!). During Arabic circle, we learned the letters “Jeem”, “Ha”, and “Kha”. We also sang nasheeds and read some new stories!

Special Announcement: Friday will now be Show N’ Tell day! Please bring in one item you would like to share with the class and tell us all about it during our Circle Time! (If it is a food item, please make sure it does not contain peanuts and/or nuts, Jazakallah khayran!)


The Toddler room has been quite busy learning about all different types of animals! We have been talking about farm animals and jungle animals! A new song we learned is “5 Little Fishies”. We have been spending a lot of time playing outside as well! We were joined by two new students, Salma and Adam; welcome!


In the Infant room we have been busy bees crawling, walking, and running! We went to the masjid area to further enhance and develop those gross motor skills! We also had our own Arabic circle with nasheeds!



-Please make sure to drop your kids off in the classroom so that we know they are here that day.

-Another reminder to please bring in wipes and tissues!

-As the weather gets cold, we will not be going outside as much. However, when some days are less chilly than others, we might just take a quick stroll to get some fresh air, thus please make sure to have warm clothing for the children!

Picture Gallery:



October Newsletter

Our Preschool friends learned about the season Autumn this October! We talked about how the leaves fall during this time and that is also why the season is sometimes referred to as “Fall”. We discussed how the leaves change many colors before falling such as orange, red, and yellow! We learned a new song helping us to remember this season which goes as follows:

(To the tune of “London Bridge is Falling Down”)
Autumn leaves are falling down,
falling down,
falling down,
falling down,
Autumn leaves are falling down
to the ground

We then change the lyrics to a color of leaf such as “Red leaves are falling down”.
The children also painted Fall leaves (hung on the left side of the preschool entrance) using red and orange colors. The pictures attached show some fun they had with these colors! Additionally, near the entrance of our room our fall trees are displayed which we made using some real leaves collected on one of our walks (pictures attached).

Since many of our friends have been sick during the changing season, we also talked about making dua for friends to get better. Additionally, we discussed some habits we can incorporate in order to avoid getting sick such as sneezing and coughing by lifting our arms to our face and coughing and/or sneezing there as opposed to our hands as that can spread more germs. We also learned that upon sneezing we say “Alhumdullilah” and “Ya Rahmukullah” when someone else sneezes.
We have learned about the life cycle of a butterfly. We now know that a butterfly lays an egg, which becomes a caterpillar. Once the caterpillar is big and fat it makes a cocoon and then comes out as a butterfly! Some sounds we have covered this month are “m”, “f”, and “h” and numbers are “2”, “3”, “4”, and “5”.

In our Arabic circle, Sister Faiza taught us the dua before going to sleep and the letters “Alif” and “Ba”. We also sang some nasheeds such as Allahu Rabuna. We also recited and learned Surah Ikhlas this month! Our circles always included the days of the week and number counting. We also sang the weather song in Arabic! InshaAllah the plan is continue adding more letters, reading of Arabic books, and the learning of more duas as the weeks go by!
Lastly, we have been talking about how we live in the continent of North American and our country is called Canada. The two main languages spoken in Canada are English and French. Sister Sumra, one of our Toddler teachers, has been teaching us French! We learned that “hello” is “bonjour” as well as the “Head, Shoulders, Knees, and Toes” song! (Pictures attached).

In Other News:

Some things pertaining to the classroom:
We kindly request all parents to remember bringing in the monthly supplies. With the fall season we are especially in need of wipes and tissues! JazakumAllahu Khayr!
It seems like that the children really enjoy having snack or “breakfast” in the morning; thus we will be adding a specific time for snack which will be 9:00-9:30. You can pack an extra snack for your child, but we will also have some snack provided (Cheerios or crackers).

When dropping off your child, please make sure they are in the classroom before heading out so we know that they are here for the day!
Blankets and nap covers will be in the child’s cubby to be washed on Fridays.
Reading Suggestions:
This month we have been reading a variety of books and the children seem to love all of them! Some personal suggestions are:
Duck and Goose Find a Pumpkin
Brown Can Moo, Can You?
The Very Hungry Caterpillar
Also, parents are welcome to share some book suggestions as well as bringing in some books to share with the class!

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