4th Annual Dhul Hijjah Food Challenge Results are in!

4th Annual Dhul Hijjah Food Challenge Results are in!

This year’s Dhul Hijjah Food Challenge was very different in terms of the participating courses as our AHES students, boys Tahfidh classes and staff moved to a new location.  With half of the building empty, our remaining staff and students were still determined to  continue helping our neighbours in need.

  • Our weekday TQE7 class commenced in August 2016 and the Dhul Hijjah Food Challenge was their first Serving Humanity project.  They decided to form groups in their class and compete against each other to see which group could collect the most.  The effect of this was phenomenal as each group raced to outdo each other in good deeds.
  • Weekend classes TQE4 and TQU4 only had 1 day of class during the Dhul Hijjah Food Challenge due to the long weekend and Eid break.  Despite this fact, TQU4 students brought in their donations early and TQE4 students brought in their food items and also raised funds used for purchasing oil and rice.
  • Hifdh classes also participated and  their dedication to bring in items on a daily basis could be seen from their enthusiastic teachers and students.
  • Fiqh al Quloob students put in a good share of food donations and rose to the challenge.
  • From the outreach venues our Etobicoke class happily participated in this year’s challenge as well.

After the 10 day drive, the Al Huda community was able to collect 1,241 food items during this 4th #DhulHijjahFC!

And the class who collected the most was


Congratulations TQE7 on your efforts and everyone who participated.

Food donations were given to the following agencies:



4th Annual Local Ramadan Packages!

Every year Serving Humanity holds a Ramadan food package drive for local families in the GTA.  These packages are delivered to families in need before Ramadan.  The items included in these packages are of daily use such as oil, rice, flour, tea bags and much more. 
Last year we collected 143 packages which were delivered to our local shelters and food banks.  Our aim this year is to exceed that number and provide our neighbors with food for the month of Ramadan.  
Project Timeline: May 5, 2016 – June 5, 2016
Please place all food items on the table at the back of the cafeteria.  
Donations can be put in envelopes and labeled “Ramadan Food Packages”
Our team reported this story from one of our previous Ramadan drives.
“We met with a sister who came from far asking for food. We later found out that the sister had come from Markham. One of our volunteers sponsored a package for her, including 3 large formula packs for the sister’s toddler. A volunteer had helped us dropping the package off.  On further visit we learnt of the sister’s greater needs, and we were able to help in other ways.”
Let’s raise the bar once again and put our share to help our neighbors this Ramadan.  

RFD 2016

SPRING FOOD DRIVE for Mississauga Food Bank

It’s spring time in Mississauga! A time of renewed hope and optimism. Join us in spreading that feeling across the city to as many struggling families and hungry kids as we can! From now until Sunday, April 10, we are participating in Mississauga Food Bank’s Spring Food Drive.

Drop your nutritious, NON-perishable donations in the wooden bins located at Al Huda’s front entrance, and at the back of the prayer hall. The most needed items are rice, beans, peanut butter, and canned fish, meat, vegetables, and fruit.

So get to the grocery store, knock on some doors, get to your phones and emails, and spread the word to friends, family, and neighbours that Al Huda is helping feed Mississauga this spring, and we need their help!

More info on the drive and the need: http://www.themississaugafoodbank.org/event/spring-drive/

Have questions? Send them to us at serving.humanity@alhudainstitute.ca

Please note that we will not be collecting money this drive, only food. Lots and lots of healthy food!

Al Huda Institute Canada address: 5671 McAdam Road, Mississauga ON  L4Z 1N9