Weekend Classes & March Break Update

AlhamduliAllah, as we all continue to upgrade dua’s of protection from the global impacting virus, please rest assured, all possible measures are being taken, with due diligence, to keep our Al Huda community safe. We also ask you to keep yourself and your family’s health under a close watch, and take all the necessary precautions, following the health and safety advice issued by the local authorities as well as the Institute.

To respond to the community leaders’ calls for extra caution and safety, we have taken this decision to avoid crowding and any potential risks:

Weekend Classes [URDU & ENGLISH]:
Sat, March 14 & Sun, March 15 – CLASSES WILL BE ONLINE
Sat, March 21 & Sun, March 22 – CLOSED FOR MARCH BREAK
Sat, March 28 & Sun, March 29 and Sat, April 4 & Sun, April 5:
CLOSED – until further notice

Al Huda Weekend School:
Sat, March 14 & Sun, March 15 – CLOSED
Sat, March 21 & Sun, March 22 – CLOSED FOR MARCH BREAK
Sat, March 28 & Sun, March 29 and Sat, April 4 & Sun, April 5:
CLOSED – until further notice

March Break Programs: Tuesday, March 17 – 22
Surah Ali Imran will be conducted ONLINE ONLY**
**All are advised to listen ONLINE.
The Sacred Script cancelled

May Allah (SWT) protect us all from all evils & remove all types of trials. Aameen. 


Jumuah will be cancelled on Mar 13

After consultation with multiple stakeholders, the following decision was made regarding Jumuah at Al Huda Institute Canada:


Important Notification

(1) The Jumuah will be cancelled on Mar 13, 2020. Decision regarding the coming Jumuahs will be made based on the situation then.

(2) Five daily prayers will continue until notified otherwise by the authorities.


Important Advisory

(1) At Al Huda, cleanliness has been a primary focus and we would like you to know that our premises are cleaned everyday- this includes the prayer areas as well as the entrance and washrooms.

(2) Please bring your prayer mats as an added precautionary measure.

(3) Perform Wudu at home and come, if possible. Wash your hands thoroughly, or at the very least, use hand sanitizers as an alternative.

(4) All people with medium to high risk (seniors, recent travellers, etc..) are advised to stay at home and pray Dhuhr instead of jum’ah. Please consult a medical expert to assess your risk level.

(5) Minimize physical contact to the greatest extent possible.

(6) Make dua for those affected by the pandemic and other difficulties.


Qur’anic Guidance

Qur’anic Guidance is a class conducted in ASL, designed to convey the words of Allah to our Deaf Muslim Community.
Join us on Sunday, March 15th from 4:00 pm – 6:30 pm right here at Al Huda Institute Canada for our upcoming class!
Click here for more information and to RSVP. 

Guided Hearts – New Muslim and Revert Veteran Network

All New Muslims and Revert Veterans; we welcome YOU!
Al Huda’s Serving Humanity team is excited once again to host its monthly Guided Hearts event on February 28th at 6:30 pm right here at Alhuda Institute. Click here for more information and to RSVP.