How to deal with Halloween..

(By Sameen Fahmi)


It is quite interesting to know that Muslims are not the only ones who refrain from participating in the celebration of the evil called Halloween. Many Mormons, Hindus, Orthodox Jews, those from the Jehovah’s Witnesses, and certain Evangelical groups reject Halloween as well, as they all believe in its factual history- that it is indeed a Pagan holiday, which is associated with devil worship and teaches mischief rather than morals. In fact, Halloween is one occasion which clearly defies common sense and even feels disturbing to the heart, that is- if one’s heart still knows the difference between darkness and light.

As a Muslim what can I do on Halloween instead?

  1. First and foremost, educate yourself and others about the reality of Halloween.
  2. Refrain from believing in any of the superstitions of Halloween.
  3. Refrain from supporting the customs of Halloween financially by not purchasing costumes, decorations and Halloween candies. In a world stricken with poverty and malnutrition, billions of dollars are spent every year on costumes, decorations and candy; and millions of pumpkins are wasted which Allah swt created for nutritional consumption. 
  4. Refrain from participating in any of the rituals of Halloween, including trick-or-treating, Halloween parties, etc.
  5. This includes handing out treats to other children as well; instead, keep the porch lights off and do not open the door.
  6. Although to avoid people ringing the bell it is better to have porch lights off, one could put a box/holder with copies of ‘The Reality of Halloween’ handout at/near the front door. This could even be an opportunity for dawah and copies about Introduction to Islam could aslo be placed for free distribution.
  7. Many Islamic community centers and mosques often arrange family nights on Halloween, with fun events and goody bags to give kids an alternative to going out for trick or treat. Many families also host their own get-togethers amongst family and friends so the kids don’t feel left out knowing their school and neighborhood friends are out celebrating. If our kids do feel that way though, maybe we need to re-attempt at explaining the evils of this holiday.
  8. Perhaps the easiest thing to do is to do nothing! Why not just take 31st of October as any other day or evening, and go about this day doing our routine and usual tasks or activities. It is not necessary to create another tradition to dissolve an old one. If we don’t believe in something, it shouldn’t be an issue to simply ignore it. Also, staying indoors has its benefit of avoiding the nasty exposure to the unsightly scenes and costumes; and more importantly, the accidents and mishaps that happen on this night.