Halloween- When Danger Lurks..

(By Sameen Fahmi)

The literal meaning of the word occult, which goes hand in hand with Halloween, is “secret.” The danger of Halloween is not in the scary things that we see, but in the secret and wicked activities that go on behind the scenes.

Halloween is scary for many reasons, and no- the dark and evil aura created is not one of them! There are actual dangers associated with this night that hurt and harm thousands of people every year, especially innocent children. 

‘Children are twice as likely to die on Halloween than any other day of the year as they trick-or-treat along our streets. That’s according to a 2012 State Farm analysis of more than 4 million fatalities between 1990 and 2010.’ (https://www.cnn.com/2018/10/26/health/halloween-health-risks/index.html)


Here are 19 dangers we should beware of:


  1. Calories/Sugar: Other than the obvious overload of empty calories from candies, leading to multiple medical issues, overeating harmful amounts of sugar is also a major danger to kids’ health. It is linked with higher risk of insulin resistance and diabetes, and also negatively affects mood and  hyperactivity levels.
  2. Allergies: It is common for kids with food allergies to get sick from candy containing one of the allergens that either they missed on the label, or were secretly present.
  3. Poisoned candy:  Unhealthy consumption and allergies are not the only dangers associated with Halloween candies. Though rare, candy tampering is some people’s idea of a trick. Sewing needles, heroin and other drugs inserted into unwrapped chocolates have been found in Halloween treats for many years now.
  4. Hazardous costumes: Face coverings and masks often obstruct the field of vision, and a long costume poses a tripping hazard, both for its wearer and for others nearby. Riding a bike, skateboard or skate on top of that may even prove to be deadly. Also, dark costumes are less visible to the drivers around, especially at night. Costumes may also become choking hazards when the cape around the neck is pulled from the back.
  5. Road Accidents: Halloween, unfortunately, is another holiday that often results in devastating accidents due to distraction(looking around at decorations and costumes) or drunk driving, or simply due to lack of visibility.
  6. Alcohol: Usually owing it to Halloween parties, irresponsible drinking plays a significant role in certain risks that Halloween poses; either in the shape of inappropriate or dangerous behaviors, or drunk driving.
  7. Fire hazards: People often use sandbag candles and fiery jack-o’-lanterns to decorate their homes and walkways, which in turn often becomes a cause for fires and burn injuries.
  8. Dangerous props: Just like sticks, pointed props such as swords, spears and wands can poke out the eyes of excited children (or adults) gathered close by.
  9. Skin reactions: Adverse reactions to chemicals present inside face paint often cause more pain than excitement! Even the liquid inside glow sticks is dangerous- children who swallow it or accidentally splash it on their faces may even need immediate medical treatment.
  10. Eye injuries: Cheap costume contacts contain chlorine, iron and other harmful chemicals and colorants used to create tints and patterns on the surface of the lens, and uneven, scratchy surfaces that might not be visible could scratch the cornea. Germs could then enter and infect the eye, creating scarring that can damage vision and cause blindness.
  11. Dental trouble: Chewy candies contribute to cavities as they stick to the teeth, but they may also pull out fillings and crowns, and are a nightmare for braces. On the opposite end, hard candies lasting longer in the mouth, contribute to tooth decay, and can even chip teeth if bit into carelessly, or damage brackets and other dental apparatus that hold braces together.
  12. Harmful inhalations: Chemical aerosols used to create costumes and props are highly flammable and can cause severe headaches and breathing issues. They  are also detrimental for the environment due to the compressed gases and/or hydrocarbons they contain, and contribute to global warming.
  13. Knife Injuries: Almost half of Halloween related injuries reported are caused during pumpkin carving. 
  14. Falls: Falling off a ladder or other heights while decorating, ties for second most common injury during Halloween.
  15. Danger for pets too! Halloween candy can be deadly for dogs or cats. Candies are unhealthy altogether, but anything that’s sugar-free, or contains raisins or chocolate can quickly cause seizures, or even organ failure in some animals.
  16. Vandalism: Property crimes and vandalism are at their peak on Halloween night, owing to mostly teen pranks. 
  17. Mental Trauma or Heart Ailments: Severely traumatic events can affect people psychologically and even physically. Sometimes innocent children are traumatized for life after seeing certain intolerable horror scenes, and suffer mental health issues even later in life as adults. Also, extreme fear may negatively impact vulnerable patients, like those who have heart disease; and sudden episodes may also lead to serious heart problems or even instant heart failure.
  18. Kidnapping: One of the most disturbing dangers of Halloween night is perhaps the unthinkable- the actual abduction of a child, often done as a prank; or even worse- the abduction of a child to be offered as a sacrifice by hidden satanic cults who still practice these evil beliefs.
  19. When the horror becomes real: There have been tragic incidents where psychotic individuals and even impressionable youth have gotten inspired by the horror movies and the dark aura that is created around Halloween season, to the point that they have practically taken on those evil roles themselves. Many famous horror movies have actually been proven in court multiple times to be the inspiration behind several heinous crimes and murders.