Istiqamah on the path of Allah – Poetry

By Abeeha Imtiaz
(Masha Allah this poem is a Top winner in the Poetry category of the Competition at the 2022 MAC Convention)


“Indeed, Allāh is my Lord and your Lord, so worship Him. That is the straight path.”
(Qur’an, Ale Imran: 51)

Intro- explanation about my piece of poetry:
When I think about thriving in the path of Allah swt, I think about connecting with the Qur’an. When it
comes to thriving on a path of someone – anyone – how can we tread that path if we don’t know what
the path is like? Is it rocky, smooth, straight, muddy, what is it? Similarly to Allah’s path, we need to
know what His path is. What does it mean to strive in the way of Allah? What actually counts in
striving? What is the path like? The Qur’an can only teach us this. Maintaining istiqamah on the path
towards Allah is connecting with the Book of Allah, the guidance Allah facilitated for us, the Qur’an.
Thriving in the path of Allah is doing all that Allah loves and approves of – which is all explained within
the Qur’an. Muslims need to connect back to the message of the Qur’an.


A Divine Appeal

The Qur’an, the greatest miracle from Allah, a mercy for all,
A blessing, a wondrous treasure, a call
The Qur’an, which is the kalaam of Allah, sent to the Prophet Muhammadصلى الله عليه وسلم
A speech that is unmatched, a book that is the core of Islam
A cure for what is within the chest,
Full of barakah, blessed
It is not addressing some scholar, just the Makkans, Arabs, or just men
Its a book for us all, a book that swears by the pen
And yet we are still heedless of it
Heedless of what it means and how we can benefit from it
When we recite it, the message does not reach beyond our tongue, or seep into our heart,
We are left unchanged, nothing affecting us, our egos not falling apart
We should be affected by what we hear, it should shake you, rattle your ego, penetrate your
beliefs, change your life for the better
This is a message talking to you, you are the subject of the verses, sent to you, its a letter
These aren’t just a bunch of random stories in Arabic, with no order and about some people
long ago

They are for me and you to look at, understand, take lessons and yes – in the true sense,
continue to learn and grow
We have forgotten the main purpose of the Qur’an and made it a sacred family inheritance,
focusing on its arabic art
To be treasured in exotic and expensive covers, yet to be untreasured in the best of all covers
which is the heart
To be recited and listened to in the best and melodious voices,
But it’s message being unpresent in our decision making and choices
To be placed high above all other objects in the room,
Yet to occupy the lowest station in their daily lives, as you can assume
To be read when a death has occured,
Yet to be ignored by the living who don’t get time to recite even a word
To be written in the faciest of scripts and in the most expensive of papers, these are our
manytimes our only ambitions,
all the while, we are heedless of its commandments and prohibitions
When the Qur’an seeps into the hearts of people, it produces an effect
Bringing out khair from people from unexpected places, in their personal, and public lives – it’s
a reformation – that’s correct!
Guidance from the Qur’an cant be bought, downloaded, speed shared on WhatsApp, attached
as a file on an email, or inserted into your brain with a micro chip or a USB
Its learnt with much hard work, blood, sweat, n tears.. But the good part? It will make you free
the Qur’an is a mirror teaching us what we need to see,
a reflection of who we are and who we need to be
We need to all connect back to the Qur’an and learn it’s meaning
Learn what the verses are about, what Allah wants from us, going through a heart cleaning