Qur’anic Guidance

Qur’anic Guidance is our unique monthly Tafsir class that primarily caters towards our Deaf Muslim Community. The class is conducted in American Sign Language to convey the words of Allah (SWT) to important members of our community.

How often is the class conducted?

The class is being offered on a monthly basis.

Where can I attend the class?

Currently, the class is pre-recorded and the recordings are sent to students via email.

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For more information about the class, refer to the FAQ section below.

Any further questions can be directed to serving.humanity@alhudainstitute.ca.

Do I have to be a deaf person to attend these sessions?

Our classes are primarily catered towards Muslims who are deaf or hard of hearing but we often get students who are interested in learning ASL or learning more about the Qur’an. You’re welcome to attend/sign up in either case, in sha Allah.

How can I access past recordings?

You can view past class recordings here.


Palestine Emergency Appeal

The Messenger of Allah (SAW) said:

“The parable of the believers in their affection, mercy, and compassion for each other is that of a body. When any limb aches, the whole body reacts with sleeplessness and fever.”

[Sahih al-Bukhari 2586]

 With the escalations in Palestine since May 2021, many civilians were forced to endure several consecutive days of intense bombardment, resulting in over 232 Palestinians killed (including 65 children), and over 1900 people injured. The damage also caused many infrastructures to collapse leaving thousands of families displaced.

Al Huda Institute and Elementary School partnered with Islamic Relief to provide the much needed support to those affected by this devastating conflict.

With your help, we were able to raise $18,424 to support our brothers and sisters!

How did your donations help them?

  • Food vouchers or packages were provided to 2000 displaced families in the Palestinian Territories and Gaza Strip
  • Urgent medical aid was delivered to 7 health facilities in coordination with Central Drugs Store at the Ministry of Health

Please Note: This campaign is now closedAll donations made to this campaign were tax deductible. Islamic Relief Canada will be issuing a tax receipt for all donations made to this appeal. You will receive your receipt at the end if this fiscal year.

For any further inquiries related to this campaign, please email serving.humanity@alhudainstitute.ca.

Guided Hearts: Book Club

Guided Hearts program aims to serve New Muslims and Revert Sisters through their spiritual journey by hosting bi-weekly gatherings where they have an opportunity to learn, reflect and socialize with each other.

Are you a Muslim Revert Sister or are considering becoming a Muslim?
Did you recently start your journey towards the Islamic faith or have been Muslim for a while?
Are you looking to connect with others like yourself where you can learn and grow?

Then our Guided Hearts sessions would be perfect for you!!

Please note: Our sessions are held online via Zoom every other Saturday from 2:30 pm – 3:30 pm EDT. When you sign up, we send you details of how to join our classes online and regular reminders to stay connected.

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In shaa Allah, Guided Hearts has now been transitioned into a Book Club!!

For our book study, we’re currently reading

‘Great Women of Islam’ by Mahmood Ahmad Ghadanfar

Learn from the best women in Islam, who were given the news of Paradise in their lifetime!!

In order to study the book with us, please sign up above and join our network for free.

For more information about the book club format, refer to the FAQ section below.

Any further questions can be directed to serving.humanity@alhudainstitute.ca.

Do I have to be a revert to attend these sessions?

The program is open to all Muslims. Whether you’ve recently started your journey towards the Islamic faith or you’ve been a Muslim for a long time, you’re welcome to attend our sessions.

How can I join your sessions?

Our sessions are conducted online via zoom. If you’re a first time attendee, please fill out the form online, and you’ll be added to our mailing list. All new and existing members are sent an invitation before each session along with a zoom link and instructions on how to join.


Are your sessions recorded?

Currently our sessions are not recorded. We encourage you to attend them live.


How does the book club work?

We’ve selected a book to read together. When you sign up, you’ll get an email with assigned reading of specified page range. We encourage participants to read the book at the own time before each biweekly session.

During the session, we will be reflecting together on what we learnt from that specific section of the book.


Where can I get the book from?

Please visit Al Huda’s bookstore and you can place the order online. 

Ramadan Food and Toy Drive 2021

Ramadan is a time when Muslims not only engage in Fasting and Ibadah, but also spend quality time with family while enjoying meals and exchanging gifts. As we celebrate this month with our loved ones, lets not forget our brother and sisters who are in dire need of basic necessities.


by supporting Serving Humanity’s annual Ramadan Food & Toy Drive!

Narrated Ibn `Abbas:

The Prophet (SAW) was the most generous of all the people, and he used to become more generous in Ramadan…”

[Sahih al-Bukhari 3554]

Your support can help bring a smile to someone’s face and brighten up someone’s Eid by helping us purchase a Toy or an item for a Food Pack!

Our goal this year is to distribute

Don’t miss the chance to reap the benefits of the most blessed month of the year!

Please note that due to Covid, we will not be accepting used toy donations at this time.

Disclaimer: Part of the funds may be allocated to providing families with other basic necessities as deemed necessary, in sha Allah.

For any further inquiries related to the campaign please email serving.humanity@alhudainstitute.ca.

JazakAllah Khair for your contributions towards our Food and Toy Drive. Alhumdullilah, this drive is now complete.

Physical Health Workshop 2021: Health & Fitness in Ramadan




How to Prep Your Bodies for Fasting!

Do you feel that you’re unable to balance a healthy lifestyle in Ramadan?

Does your time gets consumed in cooking rather than worship?

Generally, do you struggle with maintaining energy throughout Ramadan?

Watch our online Physical Health Workshop to learn tips and suggestions on How to Prep Your Bodies for Fasting so that you can make the most of this blessed month!


Impacts on Mental & Physical Health

Coach Carly

Fitness Instructor


Benefiting Physically, Mentally & Spiritually

Sr. Kate Hepburn

Nutrition Consultant


Energizing your body in Ramadan

Coach Amina Khan

PhD Candidate, Health Psychology

Through this free workshop, you’ll be able to:

  • Increase your awareness regarding importance of physical health and its impact on mental health
  • Gain knowledge of food at the time of Prophet (ﷺ) and its health benefits
  • Learn how to stay active and healthy in Ramadan
  • Connect to resources that can help you simplify your life and become healthier

* Please note that the workshop was hosted live on Mar 30th, 2021 at 6pm EDT. Refer below for the recording for this workshop or you can watch it on our YouTube channel.